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Useful commands while testing s3 buckets!
aws s3 ls s3://s3buckethere --no-sign-request ## Lists the file in the s3 bucket
aws s3 cp s3://bucketname/filethere.txt . --no-sign-request ## Downloads `filethere.txt` from the s3 bucket in the current directory
aws s3 cp test.txt s3://bucketname --no-sign-request ## Uploads `test.txt` from current directory to the s3 bucket
aws s3api get-bucket-acl --bucket bucketname --no-sign-request ## Shows ACL (Access Control List) of the given bucket
aws s3api get-object-acl --bucket bucketname --key fileons3bucket.ext --no-sign-request ## Shows ACL (Access Control List) of given object in the bucket
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