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John Dean CaptEmulation

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We're the Support department of the largest JavaScript registry in the world. Together we support over one million users of the registry, CLI, Orgs, and Enterprise products. We embody the heart of "npm <3 you" and have helped build the loyalty and commitment of our global user base for years. In the past month, actions and inactions by current management have led to a 20% decline in npm staff. This trend shows no sign of slowing following a continued lack of transparency into the financial health of the company, the deletion of the employee handbook, the lack of cost-of-living raises, and the lack of accountability in the treatment of remaining staff.

We respectfully demand the following be reinstated or honored:

  • Any employee asked to work outside of normal business hours in their chosen time zone must give uncoerced consent.
  • Any employee required to work a company holiday or National Holiday for their country of residence must be given time and a half pay. - Any employee required to work hours or shift