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#Connect to the Weblogic Host through FTP and upload your keystore.jks and truststore.jks to your user home
#Connect to the Weblogic Host through SSH with your user
#Copy the trustStore and keyStore to a tmp folder available from your {YourWeblogicUser}
[{YourSSHUser}@{YourWeblogicHost} ~]$ cp truststore.jks /tmp/
[{YourSSHUser}@{YourWeblogicHost} ~]$ cp keystore.jks /tmp/
#Sudo to {YourWeblogicUser}
[{YourSSHUser}@{YourWeblogicHost} ~]$ sudo su - {YourWeblogicUser}
#Copy files to {YourWeblogicDomainPath}/{YourWeblogicDomainName}/certificates
[{YourWeblogicUser}@{YourWeblogicHost} ~]$ mkdir {YourWeblogicDomainPath}/{YourWeblogicDomainName}/certificates
[{YourWeblogicUser}@{YourWeblogicHost} ~]$ cp /tmp/truststore.jks {YourWeblogicDomainPath}/{YourWeblogicDomainName}/certificates
[{YourWeblogicUser}@{YourWeblogicHost} ~]$ cp /tmp/keystore.jks {YourWeblogicDomainPath}/{YourWeblogicDomainName}/certificates
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