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Karol C. Gancarz CharlesIC

  • Government Digital Service
  • London, UK
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$colors = [enum]::GetValues([System.ConsoleColor])
$backgroundColors = @("Black", "White", "Blue", "DarkBlue", "Green", "DarkGreen", "Cyan", "DarkCyan", "Red", "DarkRed", "Magenta", "DarkMagenta", "Yellow", "DarkYellow", "Gray", "DarkGray")
Foreach ($bgcolor in $backgroundColors) {
Foreach ($color in $colors) { Write-Host " $color " -ForegroundColor $color -BackgroundColor $bgcolor -NoNewline }
Write-Host " on $bgcolor"
ForEach ($color in $colors) { Write-Host " $color " -ForegroundColor $color -NoNewline }
Write-Host " on host background"

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