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CharlesTBetz / gist:c68e0bddd9217ebcc8a113649fc093b5
Last active July 30, 2019 18:12
Song for Britannia (Reap the Fruits)
I wrote this song in 1993, in response to a round of UK handwringing about its historical decline
(now laughably minor in contrast to Brexit.)
It has a bit of a reggae beat. If someone is interested I could share chords & melody.
Tears from across the sea
Cry the kingdom that used to be
Your sun is going down forevermore
Losing faith and losing heart
Traditions sacred torn apart
# tightly coupled to current packer version, update as necessary
mkdir -p ~/bin
mv -f packer ~/bin
echo "either add ~/bin to your path or run as ~/bin/packer"
CharlesTBetz / gist:e93d48d96d379122f69f4d542d6dad8a
Last active March 14, 2021 17:29
Rich chocolate noatmeal - cronometer import
CharlesTBetz / phoenixStudy.adoc
Last active October 25, 2023 00:53
Phoenix Project discussion questions

Phoenix Project discussion questions

Trying gist as the channel here, rather than a full repo which seems too heavyweight (but I don’t want to roll these into an existing repo).

Will be updated as the semester progresses.

Note on syllabus. Phoenix Project works well as a semester long read, with 3 chapters per week, assuming 12 active class weeks (semesters are typically 14 weeks, including intro & final).

For full context, the primary text for this class (SEIS664, IT Delivery, Graduate Programs in Software at University of St. Thomas, Minnesota) is the Digital Practitioner Body of Knowledge ( The class is "flipped" and class sessions are primarily lab (not lecture), with a strong hands-on emphasis (Linux, containers, cloud, infracode, etc).