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Cheeseness/Spicy Meatball Update Todo Secret

Last active Sep 25, 2017
What would you like to do?
+Need ambient fire samples for lots of the atmosphere to work
+Need distinct grapple/climb sounds so that we can use grapple+climb for the window, and use them separately for setting up the grapple across the hallway and traversing it (placeholders grapple_window grapple_hallway grapple_hallway2)
+Rocket boot sound should probably be a rising charge sound, a blast, and then a descending noise sound for soaring through the air? (charge+blast can be used for the first part of the blast_door sound, soaring noice can be used in the opening for the intro?) (placeholder)
+Don't use heave+fall sound when handing the kid out the window! (added placeholder pass_child)
+Door opening sound for bedroom and bathroom and roof access door (placeholder click-creaaaaak?)
+Smash followed by creaking wood sound when crashing through the front door (placeholder)
+Water drip sound (placeholder widely spaced repeating "boip" sound?)
+Police radio needs to be longer/more varied/with more pauses? (adjusted)
+Step cadence suggests too many feet? (adjusted)
+Water noise in sink sound could be louder? (adjusted)
+Definitely need TV/radio sounds isolated from clicks (temp tracks use_radio ambient_radio ambient_tv)
+Add cheesegood on the end of the door crash sound for the final exit (placeholder)
+All music needs to account for 0.5s fade-in
+Is front door entry sound the right crash sound?
+Exit sounds plays twice
+Is this the end tor the spicy meatball
+Might need more intro silence on the bad ending music
+Need to immediately turn off ambient TV/radio sounds when using TV/Radio
+Don't show score summary when reading readme or credits! >_<
+Save sound!
+Menu sound
+Application icons
+Record a readme!
-Do death scenes need their own audio? (kaboom?)
+Double check that all doors are using door_open
+Update front door action message to say burst through the door, update front hall into messge to say you enter the front hall
+Redo intro/outro sounds
+tie rope icon for roof street exit?
+More cues for multiple entrances?
+Check default bindings/config
+Better cue for rope usage?
-Increase radio/TV volume
+Skylight direction prompt?
+Bathroom description doesn't have exit cues
+Bedroom1 description doesn't have exit cues
+inhilation "inhalation"
+burned out hallway "needs a comma"
+Is pine road in the west or east
+Kitchen description needs a door cue?
+Bobo "Nerviously" sniffs your red boots
+What happens to the doooooog?
+Missing icon for win_door
-Maybe add commentary on drawings?
+Tweak up intro scroll speed
+Continue is clipped at 1920x1080 when looking at the firefighters
+bwarp bwarp - intro text isn't displayed when loading a game?
+Skylight needs a different decsription when you don't enter via the roof
-Entering via the window lets you go straight to the roof
+Smoke filled room in the stair climb death cutscene
-grapple option might not have been shown when entering via roof and giving kid respirator
-Blast door puzzle is screwed?
+Hallway grapple climb has no sound?
+Entering via the roof, saving the child, going back to the roof and then into the skylight, there's another child
+Door description in kid's room after already leaving with the kid says you pick them up
+"the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON" doesn't have "the" in the voiced bit
+Continuing when paused will load the save if there's no save loaded >_<
+Points aren't awarded when loading?
+Going down stairs without respirator/towel should kill you?
+Glass on floor descripting is missing after entering via the skylight?
+Respirator mask references to taking it off need to go
+Other rooftop needs to give better indication of the neighbours' willingness to receive the child
+In roof, get child, get towel, get dog, re enter skylight
+Room description mentions child after it's been picked up
+SHOWER should be caps in bathroom
+Kid's bedroom description shows kid even if kid has been picked up
+Wear headphones splash screen!
+Costume inventory item?
+empty boots inventory item
+bedroom2 exit still mentions child even when the child isn't there?
+Bedroom shows broken glass description if you come in via the door
+re-entering kids room through the skylight shows the door entry message
+Entering via the window gives you "You make your way to the west end of the hallway"
+Enter window, rescue kid, climb stairs - "unlock door" message and then death
+Making the make-shift mask before giving the kid the respirator doesn't make sense
+Entering via the roof, leaving (without fitting the respirator), going immediately back onto the roof, jumping down the skylight and then leaving again gives you two kids?
+Sink state doesn't change when making makeshift mask before fitting respirator on child
+Some kind of save bug "The game is ashamed" when loading after finishing the game
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