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Hi, and thank you for your interest in my upcoming article on Another World
(also known as Out of This World), which will be published at
Although the deadline for responses to this questionnaire was the 25th of
February 2016, I have decided to leave it open to anybody who would still like
to share their memories and feelings about the game. Depending upon how far
through the post-research portion of this project I am, late responses may or
may not be included in analyses and interpretations of the data I have
A plain text version of this questionnaire can be found here:
A web form version of this questionnaire can be found here:
For anybody who would like to keep track of this project, further progress will
be covered (amongst other projects) in monthly summary posts at
- Cheese
If you're wondering as to why this project might be worthwhile, here's something
to ponder:
Occupation/Background (eg: game developer, player, fan, critic, writer, etc.):
URLs (if you have created or worked on Another World related projects/fan
Contact Details (if you would like to be contacted about your response/notified
when the article is up):
Would you prefer your answers to be anonymous? Yes/No
Do you like Another World? Yes/No
Do you consider yourself a fan of Another World? Yes/No
Do you know other people who like Another World? Yes/No
Have you completed Another World? Yes/No
Has Another World ever made you feel frustrated? Yes/No
Do you believe that frustration can only be negative? Yes/No
Have you played Heart of The Alien? Yes/No
Did you ever require assistance when playing Another World? Yes/No
Did you play Another World on one of its initial release platforms
(DOS, SNES, Apple II, Amiga, Atari, Genesis, Mega Drive, 3DO, etc.)? Yes/No
Did you play Another World on one of its re-release platforms (Windows,
Android, iOS, OS X, Wii U, 3DS, PS3, PS4, Vita, Xbox One, Linux, etc.)? Yes/No
1. When did you first play Another World?
2. Which platform(s) have you played Another World on?
3. What is your earliest memory of Another World?
4. What do you feel are the most defining aspects of Another World?
5. What do you believe is Another World's biggest accomplishment?
6. In what ways do you feel your perspectives of Another World have changed
between now and when you first played the game? (if applicable)
7. How long did it take you to first complete the game (if applicable -
responses which relate to real time or game play length are welcome, eg: 6
months, 2 years, 4 hours, 3 sittings, etc.)?
8. Why do you feel that Another World has had lasting impression on you? (if
9. How well do you feel Another World has aged over the past two decades?
10. Which aspects do you feel stand up well against modern games and which
aspects do you feel are dated?
11. How would you describe Another World to somebody who had never heard of the
12. What emotions do you feel Another World evokes?
13. Which aspects of Another World do you find most enjoyable?
14. Which aspects of Another World do you find least enjoyable?
15. Do you have any additional thoughts, memories, stories or feelings about
Another World to share? If Another World has inspired you or motivated you in
some way, mention that here!
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