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#!/usr/bin/env python
Author: @CodeColorist
Requirements: pip install lxml beautifulsoup4 tinycss
from hidemyass import proxies
for proxy in proxies():
# do something
import urllib2
import tinycss
from bs4 import BeautifulSoup
def proxies():
# check whether decl is a css property that hides the element
isinvisible = lambda decl: ( == 'display' and decl.value.as_css() == 'none') \
or ( == 'visibility' and decl.value.as_css() == 'hidden')
css_parser = tinycss.make_parser()
html = urllib2.urlopen('').read()
soup = BeautifulSoup(html, 'lxml')
table = soup.find('table', id='listable')
rows = table.find_all('tr')[1:] # skip first row
# remove invisible elements
for style in table.find_all('style'):
invisible_classes = [rule.selector.as_css() for rule in css_parser.parse_stylesheet(style.text).rules if \
any(map(isinvisible, rule.declarations))]
[e.extract() for e in','.join(invisible_classes))]
[e.extract() for e in'[style]') if != 'tr' and any(filter(
lambda rule: any(map(isinvisible, rule)), css_parser.parse_style_attr(e.get('style'))))]
# parse data
order = ('lastupdate', 'ip', 'port', 'country', 'speed', 'conectiontime', 'type', 'anon')
for tr in rows:
td = tr.find_all('td')
yield {key: td[i].div.get('value') \
if key in ('speed', 'conectiontime') else td[i].text.strip() \
for i, key in enumerate(order)}
if __name__ == '__main__':
print list(proxies())
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