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@ChintanTrivedi ChintanTrivedi/ Secret

Created May 28, 2018
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# Number of games played in training.
# Trained on 1000 epochs till now, but would ideally like to train for 5000 epochs at least.
epochs = 1000
game = FIFA()
# Our model's architecture parameters
input_size = 128 # The input shape for model - this comes from the output shape of the CNN Mobilenet
num_actions = len(game.key_to_press)
hidden_size = 512
# Setting up the model with keras.
model = Sequential()
model.add(Dense(hidden_size, input_shape=(input_size,), activation='relu'))
model.add(Dense(hidden_size, activation='relu'))
model.compile(sgd(lr=.01), "mse")
# Training the model
hist = train(game, model, epoch, verbose=1)
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