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Chris Hardie ChrisHardie

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ChrisHardie / multisite_attachment_url.php
Created Mar 18, 2019
Example WordPress plugin to help simplify attachment URLs on multisite sites with mapped domains
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* Plugin Name: Multisite Domain Mapping Attachment URL Fixes
* Description: Update attachment URLs to use mapped domain and remove mention of "sites" path.
* Author: Chris Hardie
* Rewrite attachment URLs (and related srcset URLs) to the non-multisite, mapped domain version if a domain is mapped
* Requires that the related nginx config that maps the non-multisite URL to the multisite URL be in place
add_filter( 'wp_get_attachment_url', 'jch_attachment_url_with_domain_mapping' );
ChrisHardie / jch-flickr-fixer.php
Created Feb 18, 2020
Flickr-to-WordPress: a plugin to use a WordPress powered API to find/replace Flickr references in another WordPress site
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* Plugin Name: Flickr Fixer
* Plugin URI:
* Description: Find/replace Flickr references
* Version: 1.0
* Author: Chris Hardie
* Author URI:
ChrisHardie / twitter-timeline-to-rss-feed.php
Last active Apr 6, 2021
Example PHP script to generate an RSS feed from a user's timeline for tweets that match a certain set of criteria
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* Generate an RSS feed from a Twitter user's timeline
* Chris Hardie <>
require "/path/to/vendor/autoload.php" ;
use Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuth;
ChrisHardie / storycorps-to-rss.php
Created Oct 14, 2019
Example PHP script to generate an RSS feed of a StoryCorps Archives interview search result
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$storycorps_archive_html = file_get_contents( '[places]=richmond,indiana' );
$storycorps_archive = json_decode( $storycorps_archive_html, true );
$xml = new SimpleXMLElement('<rss/>');
$xml->addAttribute("version", "2.0");
$channel = $xml->addChild("channel");
ChrisHardie / instagram-to-rss.php
Created Oct 14, 2019
Sample PHP script to scrape an Instagram public profile and generate an RSS feed
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$target_accounts = array(
foreach ( $target_accounts as $target_user ) {
$target_user = urlencode( $target_user );
ChrisHardie /
Created Feb 14, 2022
Simple Bash script to deploy a Laravel App
version=`php artisan --version`
if [[ ${version} != *"Laravel Framework"* ]]; then
echo "Not a Laravel app, exiting."
# Turn on maintenance mode