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# Pkg.add("SpecialMatrices") # Only need to run the first time
using SpecialMatrices, DiffEqBase
A = Strang(11)
function g(t,u)
for i in eachindex(u)
2 - u[i]
u0 = zeros(11); u0[6] = 10
tspan = (0.0,10.0)
# This represents the diffusion of some chemical which has a source
# A lot starts that the middle (u0[6])
# What you should see is it should diffuse to the other places
# And slowly evenly rise
# If it's run for long enough, it should become flat at u=2 across the domain

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@nmatzke nmatzke commented Apr 18, 2019

Hi Chris! It took a lot of plinking around for me as a Julia noob, but I got your above "exp_euler_test.jl" gist to work in Julia 1.1. Please use/modify/improve it however you want! Here's the link:

Revising Chris Rackauckas's "exp_euler_test.jl" from Julia 0.6 so it works in Julia 1.1

Cheers, Nick

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