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Last active Nov 17, 2021
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1) 准备工作
.loadby sos clr
.cordll -ve -u -l
.load <<path>>\sosex.dll
.load <<path>>\mex.dll
2) 常用方法
!pe [<exceptionAddr>] most recent exception data (don’t forget the external stack)
!dae Dump all exception found (psscor)
3) 线程相关
~<thread id>s 切换线程
~ 显示所有线程
!clrstack [-a] [-p] [-l] 显示调用栈; -p 方法调用函数; -l 局部变量
~*e !clrstack 显示所有托管线程堆栈
~*e !dumpstack 显示所有线程堆栈
!runaway 查看线程运行时间
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