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Here I added some relevant github repo's relavant for python/javascript positions

Alin Climente - Relevant Python/Javascript projects

Landing pages

Remote jobs board

Sort more easily through the newest remote jobs.

How it was made

Frontend - Mithril.js - a frontend framework similar to all virtual dom libraries/frameworks (React, Vue etc), but smaller, easier to learn and as good as the others.

I made some comparison between frontend frameworks, as follows: React vs Mithril, Vue vs Mithril, Svelte vs Mithril. Svelte or Mithril (depending on the project) are my top choices.

Backend - Python3 with requests-HTML for fetching data and FastAPI for serving restful data.

Rooms for rent

Pay less for rent. Save money for trips.

Old attempts:

With Mithril.js and Firebase

See this website live here (my design skills are not that great.. yet)

With Python3/Django jinja2

How it was made

The rooms for rent projects are my TODO way of learning new tehnologies.

On the latest attempt I'm using:

  • Svelte (a compiler for javascript, super fast and easy to write web components)
  • Tailwind (CSS utilities for fast design to front-end development)
  • Firebase (BaaS is probably the new trend. Like WIX, but for backend)

Cross-platform applications with Python and Javascript

Create python/javascript desktop applications using any javascript frontend framework or python backend framework.

How it was made

It's just a simple and efective connector between python/javascript and chrome.

flaskwebgui let's you build websites and desktop applications at the same time with the same code!

In short

I can handle any Javascript/Python related project as long as the project doesn't require:

  • building a secure payment system from scratch (I can create an unsecure system though);
  • really heavy mathematics/statistics (Einstein/University Teacher type of math);
  • a website builder;
  • writing IE compatible Javascript (RIP IE);
  • writing frameworks (I'm a framework user);

Some projects are not open source, but the features are mentioned in my cv here.

Contact me for a video call here:

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