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360 degree image viewing

360 degree image viewing

Using NPM kaleidoscope package to view 360 degree images and videos. This picture is one I took using my #Giroptic IO camera on 6th of May in Aarhus, Denmark.

A Pen by Sten Hougaard on CodePen.


<div id="container360"></div>
<div class="info">
<h1>NPM kaleidoscope package</h1>
<a href="" target="_blank">kaleidoscope</a>
<h1 id="info"><a href="">City of #Aarhus</a></h1>
(function() {
var viewer = new Kaleidoscope.Image({
source: '',
containerId: '#container360',
height: window.innerHeight,
width: window.innerWidth,
window.onresize = function() {
viewer.setSize({height: window.innerHeight, width: window.innerWidth});
<script src=""></script>
@import url(,700);
html, body, #container360 {
font-family: 'Inconsolata', monospace ;
padding: 0;
margin: 0;
height: 100%;
width: 100%;
overflow: hidden;
.info {
pointer-events: none;
user-select: none;
display: flex;
flex-direction: column;
justify-content: center;
align-items: center;
width: 100%;
text-shadow: 0 0 7px black;
height: 4.5em;
color: white;
position: absolute;
bottom: 0;
background: hsla(120,100%,100%,.1);
box-sizing: border-box;
padding: .5em;
a {
color: white;
pointer-events: all;
transition: all .4s;
h1 {
margin: 0;
padding: 0;
#info {
position: absolute;
top: .5em;
left: .5em;
#info a {
text-decoration: none;
color: hsla(120,100%,100%,.7);
#info a:hover, .info a:hover {
color: yellow;
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