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Past Contributions to Blocknet


  • Discovered a path (via Anyswap) to create an ERC20 version of BLOCK in less than 2 months, which required very little of Blocknet dev time or Blocknet money.
  • Served as "aBLOCK embassador" providing liaison services with Anyswap while aBLOCK was in development.
  • Wrote a comprehensive Gist about aBLOCK


Docs Portal (

  • Helped fix & update instructions on how to contribute to the Docs Portal
  • Updated the list of Exchanges where BLOCK can be traded
  • Added instructions for installing XLite and Backup/Restore of XLite
  • Added instructions on how to configure BlockDX to connect to XLite
  • Updated instructions regarding the process of listing new coins on BlockDX
  • Corrected erroneous statements in Trading section about ORDER FORM Address Fields
  • Updated instructions on how to use XLite with BlockDX, including how to work around one known bug.
  • Fixed errors in Glossary (like changing all “UXTO” to “UTXO”), and clarified some Glossary definitions.
  • Added helpful special instructions for trading Goldcoin (GLC) on BlockDX
  • Added how to verify BlockDX download with SHA256
  • Added Warning about possible time delay on initial load of BlockDX Order Books
  • Made XLite, Blocknet-qt & BlockDX installation instructions more "Bozo-Proof"
  • Removed references to non-existant download files in wallet intallation instructions
  • Added instructions for Backup/Restore of Blocknet wallet (there was nothing before)
  • Updated all links to Discord to point to new Discord server
  • Restored inflation data and charts, links to which had been broken
  • Added instructions to troubleshoot and fix wallet syncing issues like, "No Peers" and "Syncing Halts Unexpectedly."
  • Updated, simplified and clarified instructions for creating a SuperBlock Proposal
  • Added instructions on how new traders can acquire initial BLOCK
  • Clarified that Taker Fee must be paid from Blocknet core wallet; not from XLite
  • Added links to four Blocknet Network explorer, monitor & utility sites
  • Added information on HD wallets, including how to migrate to an HD wallet if you don't have one already
  • Added instructions how to manually redeem funds lost in a failed BlockDX transaction
  • Lots of minor cleanups here and there of the whole docs portal
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