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Tiny browser/node EventEmitter implementation in coffeescript
class EventEmitter
constructor: ->
@events = {}
emit: (event, args...) ->
return false unless @events[event]
listener args... for listener in @events[event]
return true
addListener: (event, listener) ->
@emit 'newListener', event, listener
(@events[event]?=[]).push listener
return @
on: @::addListener
once: (event, listener) ->
fn = =>
@removeListener event, fn
listener arguments...
@on event, fn
return @
removeListener: (event, listener) ->
return @ unless @events[event]
@events[event] = (l for l in @events[event] when l isnt listener)
return @
removeAllListeners: (event) ->
delete @events[event]
return @

@contra would this be MIT licensed?


contra commented Jan 29, 2014

It is

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