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Lirc configuration file for operating Panasonic light (ex:LGBZ6100)
# Please take the time to finish this file as described in
# and make it available to others by sending it to
# <>
# This config file was automatically generated
# using lirc-0.9.4c(default) on Mon Jun 25 16:59:39 2018
# Command line used: -n -d /dev/lirc0
# Kernel version (uname -r): 4.14.42-v7+
# Remote name (as of config file): LGBZ6100
# Brand of remote device: Panasonic 
# Remote device model nr: HK9480
# Remote device info url:
# Type of device controlled: Light
# Device(s) controlled by this remote: Panasonic light LGBZ6100
begin remote
name LGBZ6100
bits 40
eps 30
aeps 100
header 3461 1745
one 429 1316
zero 429 443
ptrail 425
gap 74754
toggle_bit_mask 0x0
frequency 38000
begin codes
on 0x344A9034A4
off 0x344A90F464
white_on 0x344A9C51CD 0x007EE24CFD
orange_on 0x344A9CD14D 0x007EE24CFD
default_on 0x344A90B424 0x007EE24CFD
night_light_on 0x344A9074E4 0x007EE24CFD
light_up 0x344A9054C4 0x007EE24CFD
light_down 0x344A90D444 0x007EE24CFD
white_up 0x344A9C0995 0x007EE24CFD
orange_up 0x344A9C8915 0x007EE24CFD
end codes
end remote
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