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Coro365 / add_filename.rb
Created Mar 28, 2020
Add a file name to images.(ImageMagick)
View add_filename.rb
def get_files_from_ARGV(recursive: true)
files = do |path|
path = File.expand_path(path)
if recursive
Dir.glob(File.join(path, '**', '*'))
Dir.glob(File.join(path, '*'))
Coro365 / add_margin_for_square.rb
Last active Mar 28, 2020
Adding margins to an image to make it square. (ImageMagick)
View add_margin_for_square.rb
def add_margin_for_square
images = get_files_from_ARGV
images.each_with_index do |file, i|
size = get_width_hight(file)
margin = margin(size)
puts("#{file} is square")
# TODO: create file-squre.jpg
Coro365 / hatena-fotolife-donwloder.rb
Created Mar 15, 2020
Download photos from
View hatena-fotolife-donwloder.rb
require 'open-uri'
require 'fileutils'
def set_username
return ARGV[0] if ARGV[0]
raise('Specify the user name in the argument.')
def get_photo_urls
Coro365 /
Last active Mar 7, 2020
Show current weather icon.

Usage example DarkSky and Skycon

Show current weather icon.

Data Flow

  1. DarkSky API
  2. post_darksky_to_influxdb.rb
  3. influxdb
  4. current_weather.html


Coro365 / 2019_ncov_json.rb
Created Feb 6, 2020
Json format for 2019-nCoV from Google Spread Sheets
View 2019_ncov_json.rb
# 2019_ncov_json.rb create json format for 2019-nCoV from Google Spread Sheets
# Thanks
require 'open-uri'
require 'json'
require 'pp'
module GoogleSpreadSheet
Coro365 / natural_sort.rb
Created Dec 14, 2019
Rearrange arrays naturally
View natural_sort.rb
require 'pp'
module Natural_sort
def natural_sort
zero_length = max_num_length_of(self)
number_formated_names = do |data|
name_array = data.scan(/(\D*)(\d+)(\D*)/).flatten.reject(&:empty?)
name_array = [data] if name_array.empty?
Coro365 /
Created Dec 2, 2019
Reboot aterm router (ATERM-DD3B55)
# @(#) Reboot aterm router.
# @(#) shell script version: 20191202
# @(#) Test router is ATERM-DD3B55 (FW: 1.8.56)
Coro365 / chapter-for-youtube-setlist.rb
Created Sep 1, 2019
Generate chapter.ini file for youtube comment setlist
View chapter-for-youtube-setlist.rb
# How to
# Meke video file and comment file and video length
# ex. ~/video.mp4 and ~/video.txt
# Run `ruby chapter-for-youtube-setlist.rb 1:23:23 video.txt`
# Generated ~/video.ini
# Run `ffmpeg -i ふろうふしのうた-Zw4bukluYcI.mp4 -i ふろうふしのうた-Zw4bukluYcI.ini -map_metadata 1 -c copy /ふろうふしのうた-Zw4bukluYcI-add-cap.mp4`
def to_ms(time)
t = time.split(":").map { |e| e.to_i }
s, m, h = t.reverse
Coro365 / cue-for-youtube-setlist.rb
Last active Sep 1, 2019
Generate cue file for youtube comment setlist
View cue-for-youtube-setlist.rb
# How to
# Meke audio file and comment file
# ex. ~/audio.wav and ~/audio.txt
# Run `ruby cue-for-youtube-setlist.rb artist_name audio.wav`
# Generated ~/audio.cue
def to_index(time)
t = time.split(":").map { |e| e.to_i }
s, m, h = t.reverse
m = h * 60 + m if h
Coro365 / find_duplicate_songs.rb
Last active Jul 20, 2019
Display the duplicate rows in the first column of the specified public Google Spread Sheet
View find_duplicate_songs.rb
# 指定したパブリックな Google Spread Sheet の1列目の値が重複した行を表示します
gss_url = ""
def download_ggs(gss_url)
gss_html = `curl -# #{gss_url}`
ptt = /<div class="row-header-wrapper" style="line-height: 20px;">(\d*?)<\/div><\/th><td class.*?>(.*?)<\/td>/
ggs = gss_html.scan(ptt)
id_and_song = download_ggs(gss_url)
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