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Created Jun 8, 2021
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Sample PHP script to get response body from a webhook
// Retrieve the request's body
$body = @file_get_contents("php://input");
// retrieve the signature sent in the reques header's.
$signature = (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_VERIF_HASH']) ? $_SERVER['HTTP_VERIF_HASH'] : '');
/* It is a good idea to log all events received. Add code *
* here to log the signature and body to db or file */
if (!$signature) {
// only a post with Flutterwave signature header gets our attention
// Store the same signature on your server as an env variable and check against what was sent in the headers
$local_signature = getenv('SECRET_HASH');
// confirm the event's signature
if( $signature !== $local_signature ){
// silently forget this ever happened
http_response_code(200); // PHP 5.4 or greater
// parse event (which is json string) as object
// Give value to your customer but don't give any output
// Remember that this is a call from rave's servers and
// Your customer is not seeing the response here at all
$response = json_decode($body);
if ($response->status == 'successful') {
# code...
// TIP: you may still verify the transaction
// before giving value.
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