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./raiden-v0.100.2rc4.dev2+ge9607851.d20190128-linux --keystore-path /home/cosmin/.local/share/io.parity.ethereum/keys/ethereum --log-config 'raiden:debug' --eth-rpc-endpoint "" --api-address "" --network-id 1 --environment-type "production" --accept-disclaimer
Welcome to Raiden, version 0.100.2rc4.dev2+ge9607851.d20190128!
| This is an Alpha version of experimental open source software |
| released as a test version under an MIT license and may contain |
| errors and/or bugs. No guarantee or representations whatsoever is |
| made regarding its suitability (or its use) for any purpose or |
| regarding its compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. |
| Use of the software is at your own risk and discretion and by |
| using the software you acknowledge that you have read this |
| disclaimer, understand its contents, assume all risk related |
| thereto and hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant not to |
| sue Brainbot Labs Establishment or any officers, employees or |
| affiliates from and for any direct or indirect liability resulting |
| from the use of the software as permissible by applicable laws and |
| regulations. |
| |
| Privacy Warning: Please be aware, that by using the Raiden Client, |
| among others, your Ethereum address, channels, channel deposits, |
| settlements and the Ethereum address of your channel counterparty |
| will be stored on the Ethereum chain, i.e. on servers of Ethereum |
| node operators and ergo are to a certain extent publicly available.|
| The same might also be stored on systems of parties running Raiden |
| nodes connected to the same token network. Data present in the |
| Ethereum chain is very unlikely to be able to be changed, removed |
| or deleted from the public arena. |
| |
| Also be aware, that data on individual Raiden token transfers will |
| be made available via the Matrix protocol to the recipient, |
| intermediating nodes of a specific transfer as well as to the |
| Matrix server operators. |
2019-01-29 09:18:27.240941 [info ] Starting Raiden [raiden.ui.runners] distribution=bundled python_implementation=CPython python_version=3.6.8 raiden=0.100.2rc4.dev2+ge9607851.d20190128 system=Linux 64bit_ELF 4.19.13-1-MANJARO x86_64
The following accounts were found in your machine:
[ 0] - 0xAe120a95b8926485f021D8174EE1C6f9c740E10f
[ 1] - 0xB2C94bBaf307C6DfBf70Cc2537385553385a345b
[ 2] - 0xD6e68536eCe0Eac02b39317FdCE814087Bae6118
[ 3] - 0xB12D515532d4F800a4f3bfd2f745020Bc85a4f5a
[ 4] - 0x1099F12e5a493F025cb510cFA18a661944d46D66
Select one of them by index to continue: 2
Enter the password to unlock 0xD6e68536eCe0Eac02b39317FdCE814087Bae6118:
2019-01-29 09:18:37.851938 [debug ] JSONRPCClient created [] available_nonce=54 client=Parity-Ethereum//v2.2.7-stable-b00a21f-20190115/x86_64-linux-gnu/rustc1.31.1 node=d6e68536
Raiden is running in production mode
Checking if the ethereum node is synchronized
You are connected to the 'mainnet' network and the DB path is: /home/cosmin/.raiden/node_d6e68536/netid_1/network_b9633dd9/v16_log.db
2019-01-29 09:18:39.750263 [debug ] Fetching available matrix servers [] available_servers=['', '', '', '']
2019-01-29 09:18:44.019629 [debug ] Matrix homeserver RTT times [] rtt_times=[('', 0.05583933333333333), ('', 0.05611033333333334), ('', 0.19373366666666667), ('', 0.27825000000000005)]
2019-01-29 09:18:44.021375 [info ] Automatically selecting matrix homeserver based on RTT [] homeserver= rtt=0.05583933333333333
2019-01-29 09:18:44.640584 [debug ] Restoring from snapshot [] from_state_change_id=6500 to_state_change_id=latest
2019-01-29 09:18:44.646105 [debug ] Replaying state changes [] num_state_changes=37
2019-01-29 09:18:44.774300 [debug ] Restored state from WAL [raiden.raiden_service] last_restored_block=7143252 node=d6e68536
2019-01-29 09:18:45.144560 [debug ] Alarm task first run [raiden.tasks] known_block_number=7143252 latest_block_hash=0x3b9729e139a19f77366b002a1c3e0b5dcf097aa0d25faf0e9487f068d42e5831 latest_block_number=7143272 latest_gas_limit=8007840
2019-01-29 09:18:45.146223 [debug ] Received new block [raiden.tasks] known_block_number=7143252 latest_block_gas_limit=8007840 latest_block_hash=0x3b9729e139a19f77366b002a1c3e0b5dcf097aa0d25faf0e9487f068d42e5831 latest_block_number=7143272 num_missed_blocks=19
2019-01-29 09:18:45.416003 [debug ] State change [raiden.raiden_service] node=d6e68536 state_change={"block_number": "7143267", "gas_limit": 8000029, "block_hash": "0xf5d54ce1496492f1883bf026b24a286cb35d009faed6b26c2da330a3064f46e1", "_type": "raiden.transfer.state_change.Block", "_version": 0}
2019-01-29 09:18:45.438327 [debug ] Processing pending transactions [raiden.raiden_service] node=d6e68536 num_pending_transactions=1
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "", line 2, in <module>
File "site-packages/raiden/", line 11, in main
File "site-packages/click/", line 722, in __call__
File "site-packages/click/", line 697, in main
File "site-packages/click/", line 1043, in invoke
File "site-packages/click/", line 895, in invoke
File "site-packages/click/", line 535, in invoke
File "site-packages/click/", line 17, in new_func
File "site-packages/raiden/ui/", line 439, in run
File "site-packages/raiden/ui/", line 251, in run
File "site-packages/raiden/ui/", line 96, in _start_services
File "site-packages/raiden/ui/", line 420, in run_app
File "site-packages/raiden/", line 156, in start
File "site-packages/raiden/", line 379, in start
File "site-packages/raiden/", line 609, in _initialize_transactions_queues
File "site-packages/raiden/", line 97, in on_raiden_event
File "site-packages/raiden/", line 332, in handle_contract_send_channelunlock
File "site-packages/raiden/network/proxies/", line 446, in detail_participants
File "site-packages/raiden/network/proxies/", line 367, in detail_participant
File "site-packages/raiden/network/proxies/", line 145, in _call_and_check_result
File "site-packages/web3/", line 1120, in call
File "site-packages/web3/", line 1369, in call_contract_function
File "site-packages/eth_utils/", line 22, in inner
File "site-packages/web3/", line 294, in call
File "site-packages/web3/", line 112, in request_blocking
ValueError: {'code': -32000, 'message': 'This request is not supported because your node is running with state pruning. Run with --pruning=archive.'}
[6301] Failed to execute script raiden-script
--- Logging error ---
Exception ignored in: <bound method BaseFileLock.__del__ of <filelock.UnixFileLock object at 0x7fb1c3eef278>>
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "site-packages/", line 333, in __del__
File "site-packages/", line 320, in release
File "logging/", line 1308, in info
File "logging/", line 1444, in _log
File "logging/", line 1454, in handle
File "logging/", line 1516, in callHandlers
File "logging/", line 865, in handle
File "logging/", line 75, in emit
File "logging/", line 918, in handleError
File "/usr/local/lib/python3.6/", line 104, in print_exception
File "site-packages/raiden/", line 138, in tracebackexception_format
File "site-packages/raiden/", line 123, in processor_wrapper
ImportError: sys.meta_path is None, Python is likely shutting down
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