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CountCulture/sample_de_company.json Secret

Last active Feb 7, 2019
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"all_attributes": {
"_registerArt": "HRB",
"_registerNummer": "204019",
"additional_data": {
"AD": false,
"CD": true,
"DK": false,
"HD": false,
"SI": false,
"UT": true,
"": true
"federal_state": "Lower Saxony",
"native_company_number": "Braunschweig HRB 204019",
"registered_office": "Peine",
"registrar": "Braunschweig"
"company_number": "P1103_HRB204019",
"current_status": "removed",
"jurisdiction_code": "de",
"name": "PPP3 UG (haftungsbeschränkt)",
"officers": [
"name": "René Kopp",
"other_attributes": {
"city": "Bovenden",
"firstname": "René",
"lastname": "Kopp"
"position": "Geschäftsführer",
"start_date": "2013-03-04",
"type": "person"
"registered_address": "Carl-von-Ossietzky-Platz 13, 31226 Peine.",
"related_registrations": [
"registration_type": "successor",
"related_company": {
"company_number": "P2408_HRB204382",
"jurisdiction_code": "de"
"source_url": "",
"start_date": "2015-07-06"
"retrieved_at": "2018-06-30T03:55:44Z"
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