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Serializing a stream
// Sometimes we need to handle stream results serially...
// The question is, is there a better / more obvious way to do this?
var fs = require('fs'),
streamer = require('streamer');
function serialize(source) {
var queue = [];
return function stream(next, stop) {
var processing = false,
completed = false;
source(function sourceNext(x) {
if (processing) {
processing = true;
next(x, function() {
processing = false;
if (completed && !queue.length) {
} else {
}, function(err) {
if (err) return stop(err);
completed = true;
// a simple async list implementation
function asyncList(arr) {
return function stream(next, stop) {
var l = arr.length;
arr.forEach(function(v, k) {
setTimeout(function() {
if (k===l-1) stop();
}, 50);
serialize(asyncList([0,1,2,3]))(function(x, next){
console.log('wait: ',x);
setTimeout(function() {
console.log('continue: ',x);
}, 50);
}, function() {
Gozala commented Jan 18, 2012

@CrabDude Yeah that was exactly why I decide to revisit streamer design. The fact that stream pushes values on you instead of you pulling from stream was kind of unpleasant in growing number of cases. So I decide to make streams lazy, which can be easily converted to greedy push streams. This work is currently under experimental/lazy branch and another version with alternative API in experimental/prototype. One of this two branches will most likely become master, so any feedback would be great!


@Gozala Ahh, interesting. Thanks for the reply; I'll have to take a look.

Have you seen node-lazy? It's an event emitter / node.js Stream based approach to lazy streams. It's more familiar, but being non-functional, it would seem it's not "trivially parallizeable" as MapReduce / no-side-effect functional solution is. Also though, aside from the issue in the gist, IMHO streamer feels more elegant.

Gozala commented Jan 19, 2012

@CrabDude To be fully honest, back when I started with streamer I did not knew there was anything similar. Later people pointed me out node-lazy and streamjs which I looked at, but quickly rejected mainly because of method based approach instead of functional. At this point I'm no longer sure that function based approach was indeed better as I experiment with prototype based solution myself. Once I'll get more confidence with best possible solution, I'm planning to talking with both @pkrumins and @dionyziz about merging our efforts.

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