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import md5
import string
import itertools
vc = "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789{}_-"
md5s = [174282896860968005525213562254350376167L, 137092044126081477479435678296496849608L, 126300127609096051658061491018211963916L, 314989972419727999226545215739316729360L, 256525866025901597224592941642385934114L, 115141138810151571209618282728408211053L, 8705973470942652577929336993839061582L, 256697681645515528548061291580728800189L, 39818552652170274340851144295913091599L, 65313561977812018046200997898904313350L, 230909080238053318105407334248228870753L, 196125799557195268866757688147870815374L, 74874145132345503095307276614727915885L]
# print 'Can you turn me back to python ? ...'
# flag = raw_input('well as you wish.. what is the flag: ')
# if len(flag) > 69:
# print 'nice try'
# exit()
# if len(flag) % 5 != 0:
# print 'nice try'
# exit(
for i in md5s:
print hex(i)
# import sys
# sys.exit(0)
# brute force go
for xs in itertools.product(vc,repeat=5):
x = "".join(xs)
if int("0x",16) in md5s:
print "%s:%x" % (x,int("0x",16))
# print 'Congratz now you have the flag'
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