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A simple guide on downpatching Deathloop on PC and Console for speedrunning

Deathloop Downpatch Guide

Table of Contents


  • No game files are being distributed in any way.
  • The end user must own the game on either Steam or Playstation 5


  • Downpatching is currently required for competitive times on the leaderboard for all categories.
  • You will still be able to connect to the Bethesda servers for the Strelak Verso (possibly different on PS5), however you will not be able to matchmake as Julianna.


Note: This is only necessary if you are playing on Steam

  1. Download and install Microsoft .NET Runtime

  2. Download the latest release of Depot Downloader (Only the .zip)

Steam Downpatch

This is a text tutorial on redownloading DEATHLOOP v1.708.4.0 v467 (the September 21st, 2021 update) from Steam.

  1. Extract "depotdownloader-x.x.x" and navigate to the folder with the extracted files

  2. In the Windows Explorer filepath bar, type "cmd" and press enter.

  3. Copy and paste one of the following into the command prompt:

- (Shipping_exe): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1468573 -manifest 201299729577552046 -username user -password pass
- (content_0): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1252335 -manifest 1056232055776708860 -username user -password pass
- (video): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1252334 -manifest 865377463103348905 -username user -password pass
- (English): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1252336 -manifest 3327252800818296285 -username user -password pass
- (Japanese): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1468566 -manifest 3280638764895259467 -username user -password pass
- (French): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1252337 -manifest 2000029046648942158 -username user -password pass
  • Where "user" and "pass" are, input your own Steam username and password, then press enter.
  • You will need to run all 4 of the required commands, but do them one at a time!
  • Total filesize of the downloads will be roughly 25 GB.
  1. If you have Steam Guard enabled on your account, Depot Downloader will prompt you for your 2FA code, just input it if/ when it asks.

  2. Once each depot is done downloading, you can find the downloaded files in ".../depotdownloader-x.x.x/deopts/xxxxxx/yyyyyyy".

  3. Create a new folder anywhere on your system and name it "DEATHLOOP". This is where you will building your downpatch at.

  4. Navigate inside of the sub folder named "yyyyyyy" and paste the CONTENTS to your new "DEATHLOOP" folder. You DO NOT need to copy the folder named .DepotDownloader

  5. Once all depots have been downloaded and manually added to your "DEATHLOOP" folder, delete or rename "/DEATHLOOP" inside of your Steam common folder (.../common/DEATHLOOP).

  6. Copy and paste your manually created "DEATHLOOP" folder into your Steam common folder.

  7. Click the Play button in Steam. Steam may lag for a bit, this is perfectly fine.

  8. Once the game is fully booted, please check the following:

    • On the Main Menu, make sure the version is: v1.708.4.0 v467

    • Make sure both audio and text language is set to ENGLISH. If it is blank, set it to ENGLISH and then save your settings

      • If you downloaded Japanese/ or French and want to use that instead, set your audio language to Japanese/ or French.

      • NOTE: If you wish to use other languages you will need to download those language packs yourself. For those that know how to do that, you will be looking for the September 12th, 2021 manifest to use. Any other manifest will crash, so it's advised to NOT do this.

PlayStation 5 Downpatch

This section will be broken into both physical and digital releases of the game.


  • Uninstall the game fully, then start the reinstall. This will queue both the copy of the game install and the patch download at the same time. Click "Cancel and Delete" on the PATCH and let the rest of the game finish the game copy. You should be good to go after that. If the game ever updates, just redo these steps and you will be fine.


  • Update already downloaded:

    • Unless you archived the previous version, there is no way to downpatch. You will need to buy a physical copy of the game if this is the case.
  • Update has NOT been downloaded:

    • "Cancel and Delete" the update when it starts to download.
      • If you choose to play while connected to the internet, you should still get the Strelak Verso, but be careful to not accidentally install the update.
        • If it starts the update again, make sure to "Cancel and Delete" the patch while it's downloading.
      • If you choose to play while disconnected from the internet, you most likely will not get the Strelak Verso, but you should not be prompted to install the update.

Archiving Your Game

  • If you would like to archive your game version, you can copy it to a external drive using the console storage settings. You should be able to revert to that archived patch once you recopy the game back over to the internal drive. Haven't personally tested this myself, so I'm not sure how the console would interact if it detects you have 2 installs of the game at once, so use this at your own risk.

Disabling Auto-Updates:

  • To disable auto-updates: Settings > Saved Data and Game/ App Settings > Automatic Updates
    • Set Auto-Download and Auto-Install in Rest Mode to OFF

Common Issues

  • Depot Download may get "hung up" and seem like the download has paused. Unless it says "Disconnected from Steam", the files are still downloading. If you are unsure, you can check your network usage in Task Manager.

  • If you experience stuttering after using the above downpatch files, please try these. Follow the same steps as above to download. This is an older version of the game and is competitively viable, but it is not advised to use this.

    • (Shipping_exe): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1468573 -manifest 7224255379943445458 -username user -password pass
    • (content_0): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1252335 -manifest 4995530248435127117 -username user -password pass
    • (video): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1252334 -manifest 865377463103348905 -username user -password pass
    • (English): dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 1252330 -depot 1252336 -manifest 3327252800818296285 -username user -password pass
  • There is a rare chance that Windows Defender will block you from downloading DepotDownloader. Make sure DepotDownloader.dll is in the folder that you extracted. If it is not, temporarily disable Windows Defender, and redownload DepotDownloader. This program is perfectly safe, not sure why it can get blocked sometimes.

  • If you previously used DepotDownloader, make sure to update to at least version 2.4.5. If version 2.4.5 does not recognize your dotnet installation, download version 2.4.4 and attempt a depot download. The intended result is getting a Disconnected from Steam message. Once that happens, close out of cmd, and attempt to use version 2.4.5 again.

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