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CremboC/file.kt Secret

Created August 19, 2016 15:31
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open class EncryptedRestService
@Autowired constructor(val cryptoService: CryptoService) {
fun <T, R : Any> post(url: String, params: T): Request<T, R> {
return Request(url, HttpMethod.POST, params)
inner class Request<T, R : Any>(val url: String, val method: HttpMethod, val params: T? = null) {
fun withCredentials(username: String, password: String): EncryptedRequest<T, R> {
val headers = HttpHeaders()
val key = byteArrayOf()
return EncryptedRequest(this, headers, key)
inner class EncryptedRequest<T, R : Any>(req: Request<T, R>,
val headers: HttpHeaders,
val key: ByteArray) {
fun expect(clazz: KClass<R>): R? {
return null
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