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Critter / prorated.php
Created May 15, 2024 19:23
civi prorated membership
function proratedmembership_civicrm_buildAmount($pageType, &$form, &$amount) {
if (!empty($form->get('mid'))) return;
$year = date("Y");
$today = date('Y-m-d');
$q = 0;
$holder = [];
$q1 = array(
'label' => 1,
'start' => date('Y-m-d', mktime(0, 0, 0, 1, 1, $year)),
Critter / Wikipedia Top Read.js
Created January 2, 2024 03:22 — forked from iiKurt/Wikipedia Top Read.js
Wikipedia Top Read Widget
// Variables used by Scriptable.
// These must be at the very top of the file. Do not edit.
// icon-color: brown; icon-glyph: bookmark;
// Useful links
const PREFS = {
Critter / calendar.js
Created December 19, 2022 15:15 — forked from Normal-Tangerine8609/calendar.js
A small script to jumpstart your calendar widget.
* this is not meant to be a stantalone widget but to be a starter template to jumpstart your calendar widget (or any widget with a calendar).
* dates can be difficult to work with, so this template is here to make it easier
* change the below variables to customize your calendar style
Critter / acf_custom_search.php
Created September 25, 2022 18:21 — forked from wking-io/acf_custom_search.php
How to search a specific custom post type and the ACF fields within
* [list_searcheable_acf list all the custom fields we want to include in our search query]
* This could easily be something that is added to the admin as a plugin so that users can
* add searchable fields in an options table
* @return [array] [list of custom fields]
function list_searcheable_acf(){
$list_searcheable_acf = array("title", "sub_title", "excerpt_short", "excerpt_long", "xyz", "myACF");
return $list_searcheable_acf;
Critter / termiWidget.js
Created August 27, 2020 13:54 — forked from spencerwooo/termiWidget.js
🍋 TermiWidget - Terminal-like Widget for iOS 14, made with Scriptable.
// Variables used by Scriptable.
// These must be at the very top of the file. Do not edit.
// icon-color: orange; icon-glyph: quote-right;
// Change these to your usernames!
const user = "spencer"
const jike = "4DDA0425-FB41-4188-89E4-952CA15E3C5E"
const telegram = "realSpencerWoo"
const github = "spencerwooo"
Critter / purpleaqijsnell.js
Created August 27, 2020 03:09 — forked from jasonsnell/purpleaqijsnell.js
Purple AQI Widget
const API_URL = "";
// const CACHE_FILE = "aqi_data.json"
// Find a nearby PurpleAir sensor ID via
// Click a sensor near your location: the ID is the trailing integers
// has all sensors by location & ID.
let SENSOR_ID = args.widgetParameter || "4896"
async function getSensorData(url, id) {
let req = new Request(`${url}${id}`)
let json = await req.loadJSON()
Critter /
Created January 22, 2020 20:43 — forked from kdvlr/
Wyze Merge
# Config
echo "---------Starting Wyze Merge at $(date)-----------"
# Assumes there is a camera specific folder with record folder inside it.
# E.g. SRC_DIR/<Camera>/record
echo "Source Directory is $SRC_DIR"
Critter / bootstrap-button-toggle-on-off-switch.markdown
Created July 26, 2018 03:20
Bootstrap Button Toggle (On/Off Switch)

Bootstrap Button Toggle (On/Off Switch)

Working on a client project that will be using Bootstrap, and needed to build a toggle/switch that came in a couple different sizes. I wasn't seeing that as a built-in option within Bootstrap, and I didn't really like the ones already out there that I found from a quick search (I didn't want to use a plugin, just wanted it to utilize Bootstrap's built-in JS), so I decided to make my own.

This example is just using the default "Quick Add" Bootstrap CSS & JS, no added/custom JS on my part, I've simply utilized Bootstrap's buttons.js Single Toggle method ( and added some custom styling (LESS).

A Pen by Aanjulena Sweet on CodePen.


Critter / bootstrap-vue-toggle-status-switch.markdown
Created July 24, 2018 18:32
Bootstrap, Vue, Toggle Status Switch
Critter:~ critter$ mdls /Applications/
_kMDItemDisplayNameWithExtensions = ""
_kMDItemRenderData = <09000000 407477c0 41000c>
kMDItemAlternateNames = (
kMDItemContentCreationDate = 2018-05-31 21:15:56 +0000
kMDItemContentCreationDate_Ranking = 2018-05-31 00:00:00 +0000
kMDItemContentModificationDate = 2018-06-02 12:56:24 +0000
kMDItemContentType = ""