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Crypto Pro Reddit giveaway using blockchain to ensure fair lottery with verifiable result
import json, urllib2, hashlib, difflib, datetime
reddit_thread_id = 'e3nf8y'
# get list of all thread comment ids
commment_json = json.load(urllib2.urlopen('' + reddit_thread_id))
# uncomment with comments snapshot file to reproduce results
# commment_json = json.load(open("comments_snapshot.json", "r"))
# calculate sha256 hash for each comment
print("\ncomment hashes:")
comment_hashes = {}
for comment_id in commment_json['data']:
comment_hash = hashlib.sha256(comment_id).hexdigest()
comment_hashes[comment_hash] = comment_id
print("{} -> {}".format(comment_id, comment_hash))
print("\ncomment count: {}".format(len(comment_hashes)))
print("\nblockhain state:")
# get latest hash from bitcoin blockchain
blockchainHash = urllib2.urlopen("").read()
# uncomment and replace with blockchain hash at the time of lottery to reproduce results
#blockchainHash = > replace with block hash at the time of lottery to reproduce results <
print("hash:\t" + blockchainHash)
print("\nclosest hashes:")
matches = difflib.get_close_matches(blockchainHash, comment_hashes.keys(), 10, 0)
for match in matches:
comment_id = comment_hashes[match]
print("{} -> {}".format(match, comment_id))
print("\nreddit links:")
for match in matches:
comment_id = comment_hashes[match]
print("{}/thread/{}".format(reddit_thread_id, comment_id))
# now pick first comment link that passes the giveaway rules (OP's comments are not included in giveaway)
print("\nHappy belated Thanksgiving from Crypto Pro team!\n")
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