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CylBot Help
Help for CylBot, a decent all-rounding bot
Prefix: c! or <@bot mention> (prefix can be changeable)
If you need more help or want to suggest ideas, join the dev server:
Current issues:
Nothing at the moment.
** = bot owner only command
Fun (Text):
c!clap <text> Insert claps where spaces exist
c!regional <text> Turn your text into regional characters
c!vaporwave <text> Turn your text into fullwidth font characters
c!greentext <text> sorta broken greentext (fix)
c!mock <text> Do you know that one spongebob chicken meme? well, it does that
c!reverse <text> txet ruoy esrever
c!space <text> s p a c e o u t y o u r t e x t
c!comicsans <text> turn text into comic sans
c!zalgo <text> h̨͖͜e̮̽͑l̷̠͆l̸̦̈ t̵̸̽ȍ̵͂ y̴̎̏ö̰͝u̟ͯ͜r͔͆́ m͇͗͝e̬͌̏s̵̛̟ś̡̞a̭̻͘g̸̫ͥe͚͟͜s̸̍́
c!emojify <text> emojify 😂 your 👇 text 🔠
Fun (Image Manipulation)
(You do not need to provide a link. The download function checks for images in the past 25 messages of the channel history.)
Template Fun
c!whatanicephoto <@user/link> what a nice photo
c!rytard <@user/link> ryan made a nice painting for you
c!cancer <@user/link> Astrologic Cancer.
c!bernie <@user/link> Bernie makes a debate
c!mario <@user/link> super mario 64 is my favorite
c!obama <@user/link> tv time with obama
c!gay <@user/link> homosexual
c!trans <@user/link> transgenderal
c!ussr <@user/link> o7
c!topten <@user/link> NUMBER FIFTEEN..
c!boypainting <@user/link> kid made a painting
c!deepfry <@user/link> Deepfry an image.
c!god <@user/link> Google guesses this image is god
c!etika <@user/link> Etika gets scared
c!violence <@user/link> This image violated Facebook's Community Standards for violence
c!mcclane <@user/link> Mcclane with a poster
c!sulphur <@user/link> Barnacle Boy uses his powers
c!ugly <@user/link> This ugly SOB gets more chicks than you
c!freddy <@user/link> freddy benson
c!miranda <@user/link> miranda cosgrove
c!jesus <@user/link> jesus christ
c!autism <@user/link> please be patient
c!depression <@user/link> #DepressionIsADisease
c!shutterstock <@user/link> Apply a shutterstock watermark to your image.
c!9gag <@user/link> whoa, a bad meme site watermark!
c!jack <@user/link> Jack shows you an image
c!urgent <@user/link> Urgent message incoming!
c!paper <text> Spongebob reads a message and burns it.
c!paper image <@user/link> Replace the text with an image.
c!worthless <text> Wow, this is worthless!
c!worthless image <@user/link> Replace the text with an image.
Misc Fun (Non-Templates? idk)
c!invert <@user/link> Make someone all demonic
c!greyscale <@user/link> greyscale an image
c!flip <@user/link> Flip an image.
c!flop <@user/link> Flop an image.
c!magic <@user/link> Content Aware Scaling of an image.
c!jpeg <@user/link> do i look like i know what a jpeg is?
c!color <@user/link> <color|hex> Color an image with predefined colors or a hex code.
Scale Amount Fun Commands:
c!explode [amount] <@user/link> Explode an image.
c!implode [amount] <@user/link> Implode an image.
c!rotate [amount] <@user/link> Rotate an image a certain amount of degrees
c!sharpen [amount] <@user/link> Sharpen an image by an amount.
c!pixelate [amount] <@user/link> Downscale the quality of your image.
Interactive Fun Command(s):
c!plan Gru makes a plan
Anthony Fantano (all templates made by simon#4020):
c!fantano <@user/link>
- Option 1: yellow button-up
- Option 2: t-shirt + thinking
- Option 3: uh
- Option 4: Tiger shirt + bandana
c!complain <text> Tell me what i should fix or make next
c!invite Get an invite to the bot or bot server
c!ping Get a ping response.
c!help <command> gets you here if no command is supplied, else gets help for a command
c!aliases <command> Get the aliases of a command, if any
c!currency |amount| <cur1> <cur2> Get the value of a currency in another currency
c!boturl <bot_id> Generate a bot invite link with a bots ID.
c!currency currencies List supported currencies.
c!server Get information about the current server
c!user <user> Get information about a user
c!avatar <user> Get someones avatar (i love stealing!)
c!channel <channel> Info about a channel
c!discrim <4 digits> Get people that have the same discriminator as you, perfect for discrim farmers
c!mods Get available mods of the server, and their online status.
c!uptime How long have I been alive for? (uptime of process)
c!commonguilds Show users that share common guilds with you. (limited to my bots guilds)
c!kick <@user> Kick a user from the guild.
c!ban <@user> Ban a user from the guild.
c!hackban (hb) [int] Hackban someone from the guild, even if they're not in the server
c!addrole <@user> <role/s> Add a role/multiple roles from a user
c!removerole <@user> <role/s> Remove a role/multiple roles from a user
c!logs <#channel/nochannel> <amount> Get logs of a channel. don't open up the results in notepad
c!massnick <nickname> Mass Nick everyone, admin only ofc
Massnick Subcommands:
c!massnick reset Reset all members nicknames of the server.
c!purge [[int] | <@user>] Purge a users messages by an amount or bulk deletion
- Default deletion amount is 50, cannot go above 3000.
- Don't use ID's as they're iffy with this command
Purge Subcommands:
c!purge bots [int] Purge messages made by bots
c!purge content <content> Purge messages containing the given content provided by command
!!! Be careful using singular letters, this will delete all !!!
!!! messages with that letter contained in the message. !!!
Prefix Subcommands:
c!prefix show Show the current prefix of the guild.
c!prefix update Update the guild prefix.
c!prefix remove Remove the prefix, resetting it back to c!.
Search google, the worlds largest search engine
c!google <search term> Search Google.
(There's subcommands coming sometime, weather and image probably)
c!urban (ud) <text> Get a definition from UrbanDictionary
c!cat cat
c!dog dog
c!dominantcolor <@user/link> Get the dominant color of an image/avatar in a hex code.
Welcome/Leave messages have arguments that can be used in the Welcome/Leave messages. Can be set up/removed by server admins only. Here's a list of available options:
- {MENTION} - Mention the user who joined
- {MEMBERCOUNT} - Amount of members in the guild
- {NAME} - Name of the user who joined the guild
- {DISCRIM} - The discriminator of the user who joined the guild
- {SERVERNAME}/{GUILDNAME} - The name of the guild the user joined
- {USERAVATAR} - The users avatar (shows in a PNG format, mobile friendly :))
- {USERID} - The users ID
- {USERCREATEDAT} - The users account creation date
Usage example: "{MENTION} joined {SERVERNAME}, we now have {MEMBERCOUNT} members."
Welcome usage:
c!welcome #channel <content> Set a channel to welcome users, with a message aswell (message optional)
c!welcome reset Stop me from welcoming people.
c!welcome current Show the current welcome message, if exists
Leave usage:
c!leave #channel <content> Set a channel to say goodbye to users, with a message aswell (message optional)
c!leave reset Stop me from saying goodbye to users.
c!leave current Show the current leave message, if exists
Owner Commands:
**c!logout logout
**c!reload <cog> reload a cog
**c!unload <cog> unload a cog
**c!load <cog> load a cog
**c!forceinvite <guildname/guildID> forcefully get an invite
**c!forceleave <guildname/guildID> forcefully leave a guild
**c!botname <text> change bot name
**c!eval <code> eval thing
**c!debug <code> one lined eval without await
**c!command <command> Quickly disable a command.
**c!command remove <command> Remove a command from command blacklist
c!command list List currently disabled commands.
**c!blacklist <@user> Blacklist a user from the bot
**c!blacklist remove <@user> Remove a user from the blacklist.
c!blacklist list Show blacklisted users
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