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@DZuz14 DZuz14/pitchers.js
Created Apr 27, 2019

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ESPN MLB Pitcher Duplicates
1.) Grab each pitcher from table and their stats.
- Store them in object like:
'C. Sale': [5,2,3],
'H. Martinez': [20,9,4],
'R. Martinez': [3,7,1],
'J. Schmoe': [20,25,99],
'R. Kelly': [20,9,4],
'P. Kelly': [3,7,1],
2.) Grab meta data below the main table.
- Before extracting and storing the data, find out if there are any pitchers who have matching last names.
- Store them in an array like so:
`['Martinez', 'Kelly']`
- Start extracting the pitchers numbers for each statistic in the meta data(ie: First-pitch strikes/Batters Faced etc.).
- For each pitcher visited in the string check the following:
- If the current pitcher has a duplicate:
- Do a property look up in the object created in step 1 with the full string, 'H. Martinez' and add the stat to the array stored under his name.
- Else
- Loop through the pitchers names in the object that do not have duplicates, and append the proper first initial to their name:
- `['C. Sale', 'J. Schmoe']` <- Names taken from object in step 1.
- `'Sale-2-4-3-2;Schmoe-9-3-5-3'` <- Stats for Sale and Schmoe from `Called strikes-Swinging strikes-Foul balls-In play strikes` section.
- Extract the stats from the name in the string above, then add 'C.' to 'Sale', and 'J.' to 'Schmoe'
- Do a lookup on the object in step 1 using the newly formatted names, and add the numbers for it.
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