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Literal paste of tabular data into Excel via AHK hotkey
#z:: ; Text–only paste from ClipBoard
KeyWait, LWin
KeyWait, RWin
Clip0 = %ClipBoardAll% ; Save formatted text for later
ExcelBound = %Clipboard%
Loop, parse, ExcelBound, `r`n
if A_LoopField =
nonemptyline := A_LoopField
Loop, parse, nonemptyline, `t
Clipboard = %A_LoopField%
Sleep 50
Send ^v
Send {tab}
Send {enter}
Sleep 50
ClipBoard = %Clip0% ; Restore original ClipBoard
VarSetCapacity(Clip0, 0) ; Free memory
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When you copy and paste in Excel with hidden columns, Excel brings over data you can't see. This AHK script pastes each cell individually in order to avoid any hidden data transfer.

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