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Last active Dec 30, 2016
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JS function: wrap multiple nodes with a wrapper element
// Wrap wrapper around nodes
// Just pass a collection of nodes, and a wrapper element
function wrapAll(nodes, wrapper) {
// Cache the current parent and previous sibling of the first node.
var parent = nodes[0].parentNode;
var previousSibling = nodes[0].previousSibling;
// Place each node in wrapper.
// - If nodes is an array, we must increment the index we grab from
// after each loop.
// - If nodes is a NodeList, each node is automatically removed from
// the NodeList when it is removed from its parent with appendChild.
for (var i = 0; nodes.length - i; wrapper.firstChild === nodes[0] && i++) {
// Place the wrapper just after the cached previousSibling,
// or if that is null, just before the first child.
var nextSibling = previousSibling ? previousSibling.nextSibling : parent.firstChild;
parent.insertBefore(wrapper, nextSibling);
return wrapper;
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