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Vanilla JS equivalent of jQuery's .live(): use event delegation to handle events whose target matches a selector, closest(): get nearest parent element matching selector
// get nearest parent element matching selector
var closest = (function() {
var el = HTMLElement.prototype;
var matches = el.matches || el.webkitMatchesSelector || el.mozMatchesSelector || el.msMatchesSelector;
return function closest(el, selector) {
return, selector) ? el : closest(el.parentElement, selector);
// handle events whose target matches a selector
// works even on elements created after the event listener was added:
// delegateEvent('.todo .remove', 'click', function(removeBtn) {
// removeTodo(removeBtn.parentNode);
// }, '.todos'); /* elementScope is optional */
function delegateEvent(selector, eventType, handler, elementScope) {
(elementScope || document).addEventListener(eventType, function(event) {
var listeningTarget = closest(, selector);
if (listeningTarget) {, event);

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allenhwkim commented May 14, 2017

Found this

function delegate(element, event, descendentSelector, callback){
  element.addEventListener(event, function(e){
    var elem =; 
    // returns null if no matching parentNode is found
      callback(elem, e); 
  }, false);

However, closet is not supported by IE.

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