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Last active March 12, 2016 07:06
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call plug#begin()
"" ...
if executable('clang')
Plug 'Valloric/YouCompleteMe', { 'do': './' }
let g:completionEngine = 'ycm'
if has('lua') && (version >= 704 || version == 703 && has('patch885'))
Plug 'Shougo/neocomplete.vim'
let g:completionEngine = 'neocomplete'
Plug 'Shougo/neocomplcache.vim'
let g:completionEngine = 'neocomplcache'
if g:completionEngine == 'ycm'
"" add your YCM settings here
elseif exists('g:completionEngine')
let g:{g:completionEngine}#enable_at_startup = 1
"" {brace syntax} like above lets you maintain the same settings for neocomplete and neocomplcache
"" ...
call plug#end()
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