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Automating MongoDB dump using cron job and saving on s3 using s3cmd
#Force file syncronization and lock writes
mongo admin --eval "printjson(db.fsyncLock())"
MONGO_HOST="server_ip" #replace with your server ip
MONGO_DATABASE="m_DB_test" #replace with your database name
TIMESTAMP=`date +%F-%H%M`
S3_BUCKET_NAME="Backup-bucket" #replace with your bucket name on Amazon S3
S3_BUCKET_PATH="" // path to bucket in s3
# Create backup
#Unlock database writes
mongo admin --eval "printjson(db.fsyncUnlock())"
# Add timestamp to backup
mv dump mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP
tar cf mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP.tar mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP
# Upload to S3
echo "Now pushing to S3"
/usr/local/bin/s3cmd put mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP.tar s3://$S3_BUCKET_NAME/$S3_BUCKET_PATH/mongodb-$HOSTNAME-$TIMESTAMP.tar
#Delete dump from this VPS
/bin/rm -r mongodb-$HOSTNAME-*
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