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Consume RabbitMq messages with Akka : Part 2
//this is with the easynetq librabry but could just as easily be anything else.
rabbitBus.Subscribe<MyMessageType>(subscriptionId, message => {
Log.Debug("message from rabbitmq received");
//this works! because of how Ask works (it creates a fake actor that is passed as sender behind the scenes)
var result = workers.Ask<WorkCompleted>(new StartWorkFor() {Details = message}).Result;
//however this...
Receive<string>(m => m.Equals("dothething"), m => {
rabbitBus.Subscribe<mycommand>(subscriptionId, command => {
//here we do a Tell. this worker eventually communicates back with WorkComplete
worker.Tell(new StartWorkFor());
Receive<WorkComplete>(_ => {
//this never gets called, unless..
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