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How to transition from EasySIMBL to SIMBL
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#How to transition from EasySIMBL to SIMBL

( ~ is your home directory )

  1. Launch Turn OFF Use SIMBL checkbox. Quit EasySIMBL.
  2. Remove ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions/EasySIMBL.osax if exists.
  3. SIMBL directory and EasySIMBL.osax located in ~/Library/Containers/ is not needed. Find from Finder or find command like find ~/Library/Containers -name "*SIMBL*" -ls and remove manually if exists.
  4. Restart Mac (just in case).
  5. Install SIMBL-0.9.9 (original SIMBL-0.9.9.pkg is not code signed. So open from context menu)
  6. Done.
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