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Resources for Service Bus Summer Camp

Resources for Service Bus Summer Camp

Here you can find links to anything I covered during my talk. If I missed anything or you have questions, you can post them in the comments to the gist below.


Free Stuff

Async/Await Webinar Series

NServiceBus 6.0 will be completely async/await, and the rest of the .NET Framework is moving in this direction as well. Get a head start by watching our webinar series that show the ins and outs of async programming.

Free eBook: Dr. Harvey and the 8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing

Have you tried and failed building systems with web services? Do you have the funny feeling that the way you’re building your systems isn’t right, but can’t put your finger on the reason?

In less than 90 pages, learn why web services (including RESTful services) do not scale, and other mistakes you should avoid when designing distributed system architecture. Dr. Harvey and the 8 Fallacies of Distributed Computing introduces each of the eight fallacies in a light-hearted manner, and then provides you with the knowledge to avoid making the mistakes that will lead to trouble down the road.



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