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Proxy pretending to be arrays
// Place to store fake arrays
var myProxyArrays = new WeakMap();
global.ProxyArray = (function(){
var handler, call, construct;
// See for actual implementation
return function(){
var p = Proxy.createFunction(handler, call, construct); //
myProxyArrays.set(p, "whatev's"); // Value doesn't matter. Only presence and weak reference to avoid mem leaks
return p;
// redefining Object.prototype.toString
var NativeOptS = Object.prototype.toString;
Object.prototype.toString = function(){
return myProxyArrays.has(this) ?
"[Object Array]" : // pretending it's an array
NativeOptS.apply(this, arguments);
// redefining Array.isArray
var NativeIsArray = Array.isArray;
Array.isArray = function(o){
return myProxyArrays.has(o) ?
true : // pretending it's an array
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