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LSTM and anomaly detection of web domain query activity gathered from OpenDNS
from __future__ import print_function
Using OpenDNS domain query activity, we retrieve 5 days
of queries/hour to a domain for 240+ domains (stored
in dns.json). We predict the number of queries in
the next hour using a LSTM recurrent neural network.
An ad hoc anomaly detection is outlined in the final
for loop.
Refer to:
from pybrain.supervised import RPropMinusTrainer
from import buildNetwork
from pybrain.structure.modules import LSTMLayer
from pybrain.datasets import SequentialDataSet
from import NetworkWriter
from sys import stdout
import numpy as np
import random
import json
# Get queries/hr data
with open('dns.json', 'r') as f:
samples = map(lambda x: x['ts'][:-2], json.load(f))
# Shuffle to partition test/train
# Set train & test data
train_data, test_data = samples[:50], samples[200:]
# Initialize ds for rnn for 1 obsv and 1 next
ds = SequentialDataSet(1, 1)
# Add each timeseries (ts)
for ts in train_data:
# Add obsv and next
for t_1, t_2 in zip(ts, ts[1:]):
ds.addSample(t_1, t_2)
# RNN with 1-5-1 architecture: 1 input, 5 hidden, 1 output layer
rnn = buildNetwork(1, 5, 1,
hiddenclass=LSTMLayer, outputbias=False, recurrent=True)
# Initialize trainer
trainer = RPropMinusTrainer(rnn, dataset=ds)
# Predefine iterations: epochs & cycles
CYCLES = 100
# Training loop
for i in xrange(CYCLES):
error = trainer.testOnData()
epoch = (i + 1) * EPOCHS_PER_CYCLE
print("\r Epoch: {}/{} Error: {}".format(epoch, EPOCHS, error), end="")
# Save model
NetworkWriter.writeToFile(rnn, 'rnn3.xml')
# Ad hoc test
for test in test_data:
for i in xrange(0, len(test) - 6, 5):
# Get 5 obs, 6th we wish to predict
obs, nxt = test[i:i + 5], test[i + 6]
# Predict all
prds = map(rnn.activate, obs)
# Get 6th prediction
prd = prds.pop()[0]
# Test if prd is anomalous
anm = prd > (1 + np.mean(obs) + 2 * np.std(obs))
# Get previous 5 obs,prd error rate
mse = ((np.array(obs[1:]) - np.concatenate(prds)) ** 2).mean()
print("\nSaw: {}\nNext/Prediction: {} / {}\nIs Anomaly: {}\nPrior MSE: {}".format(
obs, round(nxt, 3), round(prd, 3), anm, mse, end=""))
raw_input("[PRESS ENTER] for next prediction...\n")
print("[NEXT DOMAIN] ... \n")

where do we get dns.json data

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