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DevertNet / Shopware Database Clean.sql
Last active Feb 25, 2021
Shopware Database Clean: Remove Customers and Orders.
View Shopware Database Clean.sql
SET foreign_key_checks = 0;
TRUNCATE `s_user`;
TRUNCATE `s_user_addresses`;
TRUNCATE `s_user_addresses_attributes`;
TRUNCATE `s_user_attributes`;
TRUNCATE `s_user_billingaddress`;
TRUNCATE `s_user_billingaddress_attributes`;
TRUNCATE `s_user_shippingaddress`;
DevertNet /
Last active Feb 25, 2021
Linux / Backups
# Compress and Exclude!
tar -pczf MyBackup.tar.gz /home/user/public_html/ --exclude "/home/user/public_html/tmp"
tar -pczf backup_xxx.tar.gz ./public_html --exclude "./public_html/media" --exclude "./public_html/var/cache" --exclude "./public_html/var/log"
Muss auf dem Zielsystem ausgeführt werden z.B. Lokal.
rsync --progress --exclude=var/cache --exclude=var/log --exclude=var/session --exclude=/media --exclude=/tmp -aze ssh /home/leon/htdocs/bauchemie24/
# Uncompress
View Magento Cronjob
*/5 * * * * php /home/bender/htdocs/cron.php -malways 1 > /dev/null
*/5 * * * * php /home/bender/htdocs/cron.php -mdefault 1 > /dev/null
* * * * * ! test -e /home/bender/htdocs_dev/www/maintenance.flag && /bin/bash /home/bender/htdocs_dev/www/ --mode always
* * * * * ! test -e /home/bender/htdocs_dev/www/maintenance.flag && /bin/bash /home/bender/htdocs_dev/www/ --mode default
View Magento How to get the customer login, logout, register and checkout urls.php
login url
<?php echo Mage::getUrl('customer/account/login'); ?>
logout url
<?php echo Mage::getUrl('customer/account/logout'); ?>
My Account url
<?php echo Mage::getUrl('customer/account'); ?>
Register url
View Let Encrypt
1. Im Root-Verzeichnis (/home/root) folgendes ausführen:
git clone
cd letsencrypt
./letsencrypt-auto -h
service nginx stop
./letsencrypt-auto certonly --standalone -d -d
service nginx start
2. Keys werden hier abgelegt:
View ROAR Helper
Bericht für den heutigen Tag exportieren.
Porjekt öffnen, in den Tab "Tickets" wechseln, Datum in Code Ändern und in der Konsole abfeuern...
var today = 0;
var all = '';
jQuery('.issuecalendar').each(function(e) {
if (typeof jQuery(this).attr('data-date') == 'undefined') return;
var date = new Date(parseInt(jQuery(this).attr('data-date')) * 1000);
var day = date.toISOString().split('T')[0].split('-')[2];
View Magento Convert Dropdown Attribute to Multiselect.sql
Important! Change attribute_id ;)
insert into catalog_product_entity_varchar (entity_type_id, attribute_id, store_id, entity_id, value) select entity_type_id, attribute_id, store_id, entity_id, value from catalog_product_entity_int where attribute_id = 165;
DELETE FROM catalog_product_entity_int WHERE attribute_id = 165;
UPDATE eav_attribute SET backend_type='varchar', frontend_input='multiselect', backend_model='eav/entity_attribute_backend_array' WHERE attribute_id = 165;
DevertNet / test.attr.php
Created Oct 15, 2015
Magento Adding existing attribute to all attribute sets
View test.attr.php
replace show_in_price_search_engine with your attr code
replace General with antoher Tab
$dir = dirname(__FILE__);
View Magento Database Query.php
//There is a more proper way to do this.
$resource = Mage::getSingleton('core/resource');
$write = $resource->getConnection('core_write');
$table = $resource->getTableName('your/model');
//You can Create:
DevertNet / Magento Delete Credit Memo in Database
Created Mar 7, 2017
Delete credit memo in magento. Tested with
View Magento Delete Credit Memo in Database
DELETE FROM sales_flat_creditmemo WHERE entity_id=123;
UPDATE sales_flat_order_item SET qty_refunded='0.0000', amount_refunded='0.0000', base_amount_refunded='0.0000', hidden_tax_refunded=NULL, base_hidden_tax_refunded=NULL, tax_refunded=NULL, discount_refunded=NULL, base_discount_refunded=NULL WHERE order_id=54255;
UPDATE sales_flat_order SET state='complete', status='complete', base_discount_refunded=NULL, base_shipping_refunded=NULL, base_shipping_tax_refunded=NULL, base_subtotal_refunded=NULL, base_tax_refunded=NULL, base_total_offline_refunded=NULL, base_total_refunded=NULL, discount_refunded=NULL, shipping_refunded=NULL, shipping_tax_refunded=NULL, subtotal_refunded=NULL, tax_refunded=NULL, total_offline_refunded=NULL, total_refunded=NULL, adjustment_negative=NULL, adjustment_positive=NULL, base_adjustment_negative=NULL, base_adjustment_positive=NULL, base_total_due=NULL, total_due=NULL, hidden_tax_refunded=NULL, base_hidden_tax_refunded=NULL WHERE entity_id=54255;
UPDATE sales_flat_order_grid SET st