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Advent of Groovy code, day 9
// see challenge here:
String input = /your input here/
String collapseEscape = input.replaceAll(/!./,'')
String collapseGarbage = collapseEscape.replaceAll(/<.*?>/,'')
String listString ='{}','[]')
String normCode = listString.replaceAll(/\[,/,'[')
def roseTree = evaluate(normCode)
def dfsVisit(node, Integer depth, Closure todo) {
todo(depth) // could be fused but I like the separation
for (child in node) { dfsVisit child, depth+1, todo}
def result = 0
dfsVisit(roseTree, 1) { depth -> result += depth }
println result

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cchanley2003 commented Dec 10, 2017

Doesn't work for input of: String input = {garbage, garbage, garbage,garbage}
Changing String normCode = listString.replaceAll(/[,/,'[')
to String normCode = listString.replaceAll(/[,*+/,'[') works

I love your frege examples, btw.


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Dierk commented Dec 13, 2017

thanks for the comment and the kind words!

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