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Output from `iduF --help` captured on 5-March-2021
[islandora@dgdocker1 ~]$ docker exec -it isle-apache-dg bash
root@7b1ab68705d0:/# cd /var/www/html/sites/default/
root@7b1ab68705d0:/var/www/html/sites/default# drush -u 1 iduF --help
Attempts to apply the specified 'Fix' to one or more existing PIDs.
Example drush iduF grinnell:10000 ChangeText --dsid=MODS --xpath="/mods/relatedItem/identifier[@type='uri']"
first First PID to process. The namespace (ns) portion of this PID defines the default primary namespace. This parameter may be
specified as a .csv file path (like public://objects.csv), or 'ns:first-last' in place of the --repeat option, or 'ns:*' to
operate on all collection objects. A special entry in the form of ns:last can be used to specify starting at the highest
ns:PID number which has been indexed in Solr.
fix Completes the name of the drush_idu_fix_NAME function to be called for each processed object. Available Fix functions are:
--- The first 3 commands may be automatically executed
during ingest of a new object ---
CompoundTN -
Creates a CompoundTN datastream for a compound parent object.
The new image datastream is constructed from up to four
child object thumbnails.
SelfTransform -
Applies the specified --self self-transform to the specified
--dsid datastream. Use --reorder to also reorder MODS.
[Verified 27-Apr-2018]
UpdateDC -
Ensures that specified objects have NO empty or missing
dc:date or dc:creator fields. This function also populates a
/mods/extension/creators field from which dg_creators_s is
derived. Default values for date and creator are
'Unspecified' and 'Unknown'. Use --fixName to ensure that
MODS records have a valid /name/namePart[not(@*)] element.
--hidden=FALSE If TRUE a /mods/extension/hidden_creators element is
created instead of /mods/extension/creators.
--- The commands which follow are never automatically executed ---
AddDatastream -
Adds the --dsid datastream with --title and --contents to an
existing object.
Option defaults are:
title='Islandora Webforms List',
contents=' 1934660 '
AddXML -
Adds a single XML element named --title, with a value of
--contents, to an existing object's --dsid datastream. One
element is appended to one existing parent element identified
by --xpath.
Option defaults are:
title=dateCreated, and
ChangeDatastream -
Changes the --dsid datastream's LABEL to --title, OR its ID to
--replace for an existing object.
ChangeText -
Changes --find text to --replace either in general or within the
value of a specified --xpath.
Options: find, replace, substitutionsFile, dsid, xpath, dryRun.
ChildSync -
Synchornize characteristics of child objects with their parent.
This function only touches objects where the isConstituentOf
relationship exists.
Characteristics include:
Child will inherit the same isMemberOfCollection values as
the parent.
Clean -
Removes all unnecessary datastreams from an existing object.
CModelToMODS -
Copy object's /rdf:RDF/rdf:Description/...
fedora-model:hasModel[@rdf:resource] attribute from the RELS-EXT
datastream to its /mods/extension/CModel.
ConvertTIFtoJP2 -
Converts an object OBJ datastream to a JP2 using options
specified by --convert or --compress.
CopyDatastream -
Copies the named --dsid datastream from a specified --parent object
to the target object. [Verified 2-May-2018]
CorrectCollections -
Corrects collection assignments including removal of duplicate
collection relationships, and removal of --retire collection
references IF other relationships exist.
CreateIslandoraBags -
Initiates one or more 'drush --user=1 create-islandora-bag object PID'
commands to generate Bagit containers of object datastreams.
DateCreatedFix -
Looks for invalid date strings in /mods/originInfo/dateCreated
fields and attempts to fix them if the --dryRun option
is NOT set. Note that --force defaults to TRUE for this command.
DateFieldFix -
Looks for invalid date strings in /mods/originInfo/date*
fields and if found, it removes the field and replaces it with
a corresponding /mods/note[@type='date'] field, value and, an
appropriate @displayLabel attribute too. Modified object MODS
are automatically reordered, self-transformed, and re-indexed
in Solr. [Verified 23-Aug-2018]
DCTransform -
Applies the specified MODS-to-DC Transform to an object.
Derivatives -
Attempts to regenerate ALL derivatives for an existing object.
Discover -
Attempts to identify objects that are NOT indexed in Solr. The
--force and --repeat options are implied with a default --repeat
value of 1000.
HarvestOCR -
Looks for OCR or FULL_TEXT datastreams in the target objects and,
if found, it writes the datastream text content to a file named
[namespace]_[pidn].[ds].txt in
ImportCSV -
Reads data, one line at at time, from the named --csv CSV data file
and passes the line to idu_drush_import( ) for processing.
IndexSolr -
Attempts to update an object's Solr index. If the --force option is
set this command will NOT use Solr to retrieve a list of objects.
isConstituentOf -
Changes a literal isConstituentOf value to a proper
attribute form.
Last -
Find the last (largest PID) indexed in Solr for the specified
namespace and sets the namespace_last variable with it's value.
List -
Prints a list of objects matching the PID spec with --repeat,
--collection, and --contentType options
accounted for. [Verified 15-Feb-2021]
MakeFamily -
Converts the specified object to a compound parent and makes the
original content a new child of that parent.
MakeSibling -
Attempts to make the specified object a sibling of an existing
--sibling PID.
MigrateObject -
Migrates an object from its --source (or --source=None) collection
to --replace. [Verified 31-Aug-2018]
Changes errant object MIME types from --find to --replace.
PermissionsRelax -
Applies a 'relaxed' POLICY to an object to make it visible
to all. The original POLICY is copied to a new Old_POLICY
datastream. If --find is specified the change will be made
ONLY if the specified string exists in the DC datastream, and
if both --find and --dsid exist then only the specified DSID
will be searched.
Option defaults are:
PermissionsRestore -
Restores an 'Old_POLICY' datastream as POLICY in order to bring
back an object's original permissions/policy.
Purge -
Deletes the object. If the --force option is set this command
will NOT use Solr to retrieve a list of objects.
Be careful with this one! [Verified 30-Apr-2018]
PurgeDatastream -
Deletes the --dsid datastream. Be careful with this one too!
[Verified 2-May-2018]
PurgeDSVersions -
Purges all but the current copy of an existing object's --dsid
PurgeElements -
Removes all --xpath matched elements from the specified --dsid
datastream. [Verified 27-Apr-2018]
PurgeFamily -
Delete an object and all of its constituents!
PurgeInactive -
Deletes the specified objects if they are in an Inactive or Deleted
RemoveDatastreams -
Removes the named --dsid datastream(s) from an existing object. Note
that in this context --dsid may contain wildcards like the default
value of MODS_*. Use --dryRun to count matches only.
RemoveDuplicateElements -
Removes duplicate elements from the --dsid datastream of an existing
object. Use the --dryRun option to report duplicates only.
RemoveEmptyCues -
Removes empty cue elements from the --dsid (default is TRANSCRIPT) datastream
of an existing oral history object. Use the --dryRun option to
report only.
RenameDatastream -
Changes the DSID of the named --dsid datastream to one named
--replace, and if --self is specified, runs the self transform on
the datastream.
ReportChildDuplicates -
Echo the MODS elements of a child object that are duplicated in its
Special -
Based on ChangeText...this command changes to meet special needs!
Options: dsid, xpath, dryRun.
Thumbnail -
Applies the specified thumbnail image to an object.
TitleBookPage -
Changes the label/title of a book page to
'Parent Title - Page XXX'.
toIR -
Migrates an object from any collection to the grinnell:generic
toPHPP -
Migrates an object from the grinnell:generic collection
to grinnell:phpp.
--cmodel Specifies the target CModel (content model) in the ChangeCompound command. Defaults to 'islandora/sp_large_image_cmodel'.
--collection Specifies the target collection (should use a wildcard and no colon, like '*test' in lieu of ':test') from which objects
will be selected for processing.
--compress Specifies a file containing Kakadu 'compress' options for the ConvertTIFtoJP2 fix.
--contentType Specifies the content model (type...should include wildcards like '*image*') of object(s) to be selected for processing.
--contents Specifies text to be included in a datastream or XML element. Default varies by use.
--convert Specifies a file containing ImageMagick 'convert' options for the ConvertTIFtoJP2 fix.
--createdDate If set with any portion of a YYYY-mm-ddTHH:ii timestamp string, only objects with a creation date/time matching createdDate*
are considered. 2018-12, for example, applies to all objects created in December 2018. Default is '2' for all objects.
--creator Specifies a dc:creator value for the UpdateDC fix. Default is 'Unknown'.
--csv Specifies the path of a CSV file to be read. Defaults to public://data.csv.
--date Specifies a dc:date value for the UpdateDC fix. Default is 'Unspecified'.
--dryRun If set, this option instructs the operation to identify and count changes, but not commit then.
--dsid Specifies the datastream ID, or special 'LABEL', in which to make changes.
--find Specifies text to be found (and in some cases replaced).
--fixName If set, this option instructs UpdateDC to ensure that a MODS /name/namePart[not(@*)] element exists.
--force If set, this option instructs IndexSolr and other commands NOT to use Solr to fetch a list of objects.
--hidden If set for UpdateDC, this option creates /mods/extension/hidden_creators instead /mods/extension/creators.
--ignoreOBJ If TRUE, this option tells 'ChangeCompound' that no OBJ is required when changing a compoundCModel to another type.
--image Specifies the path to a jpeg image to be applied by the specified Fix operation. Defaults to
--mime Specifies the OBJ MIME type of objects to process. Defaults to 'image/tiff'.
--modDate If set with any portion of a YYYY-mm-ddTHH:ii timestamp string, only objects with a modified date/time matching modDate* are
considered. 2018-12-0, for example, applies to all objects modified on December 1st thru 9th, 2018. Default is '2' for all
--only Specifies the ONLY DSID to be regenerated, --only=TECHMD is one example. Defaults to * for all derivatives.
--parent Specifies the PID of an existing parent object in need of a child.
--reindex When used in combination with --force this option forces a pre-emptive re-indexing of objects.
--reorder If set, this option instructs SelfTransform to run public://reorder_mods.xsl after the initial self-transform.
--repeat Specifies the number of consecutive PIDs following 'first' to be processed. Default is 'all'.
--replace Specifies the text that 'find' will be replaced with.
--retire Specifies one collection that target objects are to be removed from when using the CorrectCollections command.
--self Specifies the path to the self-transform XSL file to be applied. Defaults to public://cleanup_mods_and_reorder.xsl.
--sibling Specifies the PID of one existing child object in need of a sibling.
--source Specifies the DC field from which /mods/extension/creators is to be constructed OR,
in the case of CopyDatastream the PID of the source object. Default is 'dc:creator'.
--substitutionsFile In place of 'find' and 'replace', this option specifies the path to a 'csv' style file from which 'find, replace' pairs will
be read.
--title Specifies a datastream title (label) or XML element value when needed. Default varies by use.
--verbose Triggers verbose output in certain commands.
--xpath Specifies a metadata XPath whenever one is needed. Note that it is wise to put your XPath in double quotes and use single
quotes within where necessary.
--xsl Specifies the path to the MODS-to-DC transform XSL file to be applied. Defaults to public://mods_to_dc_grinnell.xsl.
Aliases: iduF
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