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!!8ball [question]:

Returns an answer to your question by the almighty 8-ball.

!!addrole [user] [role]:

Adds a role to the specified user.

!!announcement (duration / reset) (time unit) (text):

Creates a timer to announce a message in the current channel.

!!autorole [rolename / id / reset]:

Manages the role given to new users upon joining.

!!ban [user] (days to purge):

Bans a user and deletes their messages based on the amount of days specified.


Returns a list of all banned users.

!!blacklist (info):

Toggles command blacklist for the current channel, or returns info on blacklisted channels.


Returns a fact about cats.


Displays the latest changelog with the most recent changes.

!!choice [choices separated by ;]:

Returns a random option out of given choices.


Returns a fact about Chuck Norris.


Flips a coin and returns the result

!!customcommands [create / list / delete] (command name | random, responses):

Manages the custom commands of the server.

!!define [query]:

Returns the definition of the requested word/phrase.


Provides information related to the Discord API.

!!echo [text]:

Repeats the defined text

!!find [query]:

Retrieves all users matching the given criteria


Returns the 'good shit' copypasta.


Returns information related to the guild.

!!help (command):

Displays help information related to all commands.


Displays information related to the bot.


Returns the invite link for the bot.

!!joinmsg (message / channel #channel_mention / reset / channel reset):

Manages the message being broadcast when a new user joins the guild.

!!joke (user):

Returns a 'Yo Mamma' joke.

!!kick [user]:

Kicks a user.


Forces the bot to leave the server.

!!leavemsg (message / channel #channel_mention / reset / channel reset):

Manages the message being broadcast when a new user leaves the guild.

!!lenny (user):

Returns a lennyface.

!!meme [ type | first line | second line ]:

Returns a meme generated based on the type.


Returns information related to Patreon.


Returns an estimated ping to Discord's servers.

!!prefix [new prefix / reset]:

Sets the prefix used by the bot for this guild.

!!purge [amount] (user):

Deletes the specified amount of recent messages (from a specific user if mentioned).


Returns the 'Rekt' copypasta.

!!reminder (duration / reset) (time unit) (text):

Creates a countdown reminder that will notify you in private.

!!removerole [user] [role]:

Removes a role from the specified user.

!!reverse [text]:

Reverses the given text.

!!role (help):

Role Management command.


Returns the 'Salt' copypasta.


Returns the statistics for the bot's current session.

!!steamstatus (tf2 / dota2 / csgo):

Checks Steam's server status.


Returns an invite to the support server.

!!unban [user]:

Unbans a user.


Returns the bot's current uptime.


Returns a weed zalgo text.

!!whois (user):

Returns useful information related to either the command issuer or the specific user, if mentioned.

!!ytsearch [query]:

Returns the first video from YouTube that matches the given query.


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Zac-the-Young-Programmer Dec 12, 2017


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