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package main
import (
func createNewKey(name, comment, email string, keysize int) *openpgp.Entity {
cfg := &packet.Config{RSABits: keysize} // 4096 is slow
newKey, err := openpgp.NewEntity(name, comment, email, cfg)
if err != nil {
log.Fatalf("Cannot create a new key: %s", err)
return newKey
func main() {
e := createNewKey("John Smith", "Test key, do not use", "", 1024)
fmt.Printf("%+v\n", e)
// &{PrimaryKey:0xc420016140 PrivateKey:0xc4200016c0 Identities:map[John Smith (Test key, do not use) <>:0xc42024f400] Revocations:[] Subkeys:[{PublicKey:0xc4200163c0 PrivateKey:0xc420001860 Sig:0xc4202b21c0}]}
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