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function() {
return function(model) {
var globalSendTaskName = '_' + model.get('trackingId') + '_sendHitTask';
// Hook the sendHitTask - grab an original reference to a function
var originalSendTask = window[globalSendTaskName] = window[globalSendTaskName] || model.get('sendHitTask');
model.set('sendHitTask', function(sendModel) { //overwrite sendHitTask with our code
var hitPayload = sendModel.get('hitPayload');
//if(hitPayload.indexOf('&ti=') !== -1) { //Capture only Transaction hits
if(hitPayload.indexOf('&t=timing') === -1) { //SkipTtimings hits
//In the line below, replace YOUR-WEB_APP_URL with the Web App URL (provided to you when you published your Google Sheet web app)
var baseUrl = YOUR-WEB_APP_URL;//'';
var collectPayLoad = 'Date='+(new Date().toISOString()); //saving date (note, this is client-based time - be aware of timezones)
collectPayLoad += '&Request=' + encodeURIComponent(sendModel.get('hitPayload')); //save full request
collectPayLoad += '&GAClientID=' + encodeURIComponent(sendModel.get('clientId')); //save GA browser id/cookie
collectPayLoad += '&User-Agent=' + encodeURIComponent(navigator.userAgent); //save User-Agent
//add your fields collection here
//save dataLayer
if(JSON && typeof JSON.stringify === 'function') {
//JSON.stringify will fail if there are circular references in your dataLayer.
//to simplify the demo, I am not
var dlAsJSON = JSON.stringify(window.dataLayer);
collectPayLoad += '&DataLayer=' + encodeURIComponent(dlAsJSON); //Data Layer as JSON.
var collectUrl = baseUrl +'?'+ collectPayLoad;
//Deliver data to our Google Sheet
//In your real project you may consider to use navigator.sendBeacon delivery method
var myImage = new Image();
myImage.src = collectUrl;
//Execute original
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