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Creates DDL from generated Elixir Models
from inspect import getmembers, isclass
from sqlalchemy.schema import CreateTable
from elixir import metadata, setup_all, Entity, EntityMeta
from sys import modules
def generate_ddl(module, tablenames=[]):
prev_bind = metadata.bind
metadata.bind = "sqlite://"
classes = dict(getmembers(module, isclass))
ddls = []
for table in tablenames:
cls = classes.get(table)
if cls and cls.__module__ == module.__name__ and isinstance(cls, EntityMeta):
metadata.bind = prev_bind
return ddls
dependencies = ['Director', 'Genre', 'Movie']
module = __import__('model')
print "\n\n".join(ddl.strip() for ddl in generate_ddl(module, dependencies))
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