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Last active Sep 15, 2020
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React CSS Theme
const makeCssTheme = (jsTheme, namespace) =>
Object.entries(jsTheme).reduce((cssTheme, [key, value]) => ({
[`--${namespace}-${key}`]: value,
}), {});
function MyApp({ theme }) {
const cssTheme = useMemo(() => makeCssTheme(theme, 'xx'), [theme]);
return (
<div style={cssTheme}>
Any component in here now has access to:
var(--xx-buttonPadding), var(--xx-background) etc.
const yourTheme = {
background: 'black',
textColor: 'white',
fontFamily: '"Roboto", sans-serif',
fontWeight: 500,
buttonPadding: '10px',
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