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WMI durations Regions of Interest
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
<RegionRoot Guid="{EFA7A927-BAE3-48F6-92E1-000000000000}" Name="WMI-Regions">
<Region Guid="{45EEAD74-5B56-4B38-8CEC-CF66312D6F9B}" Name="WMI-Operations">
<Event Provider="{1418ef04-b0b4-4623-bf7e-d74ab47bbdaa}" Id="11" Version="0" />
<Event Provider="{1418ef04-b0b4-4623-bf7e-d74ab47bbdaa}" Id="13" Version="0" />
<Payload FieldName="OperationId" TargetFieldName="OperationId" />
<PayloadBased NameField="Operation" />
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