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Last active Apr 27, 2021
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an (editable) one-page hostless static website
<!DOCTYPE html><meta charset="utf8">
<div id=container contenteditable oninput="update(event);">
<img id=logo src=https://ipfs.blockring™.ml/ipfs/QmVFJEec5cD9nCmzx9ic6rGJSe8hDzMWEchcoxnZtG1QK8/drit-pin-logo.svg>
<h3>I believe this page is super cool ...</h3>
<p>You can write anything you want on it,
hit the publish button, and you have a free online webpage to you to send a message across the world.
<i>Requirement you need to have an IPFS node running on your machine at
<a href="" contenteditable=false></a> /
<a href="#" data-href="" onclick="post(this.dataset.href);"
and you must have <span id=origin>:origin</span> in the "Allow-Origins" list.</i>
<button onclick="publish(event);">publish</button>
to push this page to the <a href=https://ipfs.blockring™.ml/ipfs/:qm/ contenteditable=false>IPFS</a> network.
You can share this page using the
<a target=_ipfs href= contenteditable=false>permalink</a> below:
<input name=permalink title=permalink value="https://ipfs.blockring™.ml/ipfs/:qm/" style="border:0; width:100%; background-color: white;">
<button onclick="copy(event);" contenteditable=false><img class=button alt="copy url" src=></button>
<p><code><span value=https://ipfs.blockring™.ml/ipfs/:qm/>dnslink=/ipfs/:qm/</span></code>
<p>--&nbsp;<br><span contenteditable=false>This page is provided by <a href="">Doctor I·T</a></span>
body {
background-color: #300233;
background-image: URL(https://ipfs.blockring™.ml/ipfs/QmSoyQm59v121sGy75ReMZNe4GaMvVWvr3C87khfWiZjee/z-background.svg);
background-size: 100% 100%;
min-height: 100vh;
.button { width: 1rem; height: 1rem; padding: 0; }
#container {
max-width: 680px;
margin: auto;
margin-bottom: 1vh;
padding: 1.2rem;
background-color: white;
opacity: 0.90;
box-shadow: 5px 5px 15px 2px rgba(4,3,5,0.9);
i { color: grey }
#logo { float: right; max-width: 140px; }
img[alt=gonohost] { max-width: 80%; margin: auto; }
var prevhash = ':qm';
let el = document.getElementById('origin');
el.innerText = el.innerText.replace(/:origin/,location.origin);
var html = document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0];
var templ = html.innerHTML;
function post(url) {
return fetch(url,{method:'POST'}).then(resp => resp.text()).then(buf => { document.writeln(buf); return void(0); }).catch(console.warn);
function copy(ev) {
let el=document.getElementsByName('permalink')[0];
el.setSelectionRange(0, 99999); // for mobile devices
function publish(ev) {
const api_url = '';
//const api_url = 'https://ipfs.blockring™.ml/api/v0/'
//return fetch(location.href).then(resp => resp.text()).then(buf => { console.log('buf:',buf); });
var html = document.getElementsByTagName('html')[0];
let innerHTML = html.innerHTML.replace(RegExp(prevhash,'g'),':qm');
html.innerHTML = innerHTML;
var buf = `<!DOCTYPE html>${innerHTML}`;
let form = new FormData();
let headers = new Headers();
return fetch(api_url+'add?pin=true',{method:'POST', body:form}).
then(resp => resp.json()).
then(obj => {
if (typeof(obj.Code) == 'undefined') {
let sc = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
sc.innerHTML = sc.innerHTML.replace(RegExp(prevhash,'g'),obj.Hash);
let el = document.getElementById('container');
el.innerHTML = el.innerHTML.replace(/:qm/g,obj.Hash);
prevhash = obj.Hash
then(resp => {'resp:',resp); return resp; }).
return obj.Hash;
} else {
// ipfs add -w -r index.html style.css js img --pin=true -Q
return Promise.reject('QmeQVu3NGEcjmzx1rVytrSV9Ht9sc3KgavnpyhaE8gBip1')
function update(ev) {
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