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Testing if mail headers are properly removed
namespace BMytest;
class ZendMailTest extends \PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase
public function testRemovingHeadersFromMultipleMailObjects()
$mail1 = new \Zend_Mail();
$mail1->addHeader('foo', 'bar');
$mail1->addHeader('x-mfo-mailid', uniqid());
$mail2 = clone $mail1;
$mail2->addHeader('bar', 'baz', true);
$mail3 = clone $mail2;
$mail3->addHeader('baz', 'foobar', true);
$mailList = array ($mail1, $mail2, $mail3);
foreach ($mailList as $mail) {
$this->assertArrayNotHasKey('x-mfo-mailid', $mail->getHeaders());
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